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5 Strategies to Sell Your Ecommerce Business to Millennials

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5 Strategies to Sell Your Ecommerce Business to Millennials

Millennial shoppers between the ages of 14-35 are the most valuable consumer groups nowadays. Though they don’t comprise most the population, they have the real buying power. If truth be told, they make purchases of $600 billion annually. By 2020, they will constitute almost 50% of the U.S. population and by 2025, the number will increase up to 75%.

Basically, Millennial shoppers are the target market for ecommerce businesses. Right now, every ecommerce marketer wants to market their business to millennials because the money is with them. Nowadays, almost 50% of online sellers are differentiating their marketing efforts according to the consumer groups, leaving you with a whopping chance.

If you prefer to sell your ecommerce business to millennials, you are choosing a great opportunity that is valuable enough and packed with untapped potential. In this blog, I’ll explain a few strategies that you can use to sell your online business to these powerful shoppers.

1. Create an eCommerce Platform


Millennials like online shopping. According to survey, nearly 40% of male millennial shoppers confessed that they would prefer to shop online if they get an opportunity. However, 33% females have the same preference, but overall, the majority of people like to buy everything online. But do you know only 50% of businesses have an online presence.

If you have an online business, then you clearly know how to sell your ecommerce business to millennials and make more sales with your ecommerce businessMillennial shoppers prefer to spend their money on ecommerce businesses. However, there are some noticeable options, worth stating here:

Millennials prefer to buy these items from traditional stores: shoes, clothes, home goods, furniture, and drugs. No matter if your business sells these items, you would still be smart enough to create an ecommerce shop along with a traditional physical store.

2. Create a Cross-Platform Shopping Experience

mobile shopping

Millennials shop online through multiple devices. According to a study, 30% of millennials use 3 or more devices per day. Smartphones are the major group of devices, everyone uses daily. Most millennials check their smartphones approximately 34 times a day. Therefore, their favorite shopping method is through smartphone. Nearly 52% of millennials use smartphones for browsing, searching and online shopping.

  • Create a Mobile Optimized Ecommerce Platform

Catchy images, easy purchase options and seamless mobile experience need to be the vital element of your ecommerce marketing strategy. You can easily test your website to check if it provides an optimal mobile experience.

  • Offer Mobile Optimized Checkout Process

The mobile optimized checkout is a critical factor for an ecommerce website. The traditional lengthy checkout forms are now outdated and will not work for mobile using shoppers. If your mobile checkout form looks like a never-ending story, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Millennials will not shop from you.   

Moreover, as an ecommerce seller, you need to provide a mobile payment option to millennial shoppers to increase the chances of more purchases.

3. Be Active on Social Media

active on social media

What is the best way to persuade millennials to shop from your online store? Traditional persuasive techniques are not working any more. According to recent stats reported by Yahoo, 68% of shoppers are completely mesmerized by celebrity endorsements, thought leaders and industry influencers.

So, there is no need to invest heavily in your marketing efforts, you can make social media sharing a vital element of your branding strategy.

  • Millennials’ Purchase Decision is based on Endorsements

The millennial generation is greatly influenced by recommendations. They especially conduct social interaction on social media and collect their friends’ reviews while making a purchase decision.

Statistics show that, 93% of millennials made a purchase decision based on social recommendations, and 89% of millennials trust their friend and family more than the brand.

And when they made a purchase they post their reviews about the product on social media channels. Approximately, 59% of millennials share their reviews about the product to their friends and family, while 41% of them use the power of social media to recommend a product.

4. Create Engaging Content

engaging content

Content marketing has now become the primary reason that millennials use to know about any brand or its products. 85% of millennials carefully research about the brand prior to making a purchase decision, while 60% of that research based on company’s business website and social media posts.

Therefore, the content you post is very important. Millennials are very smart, they know how to research a product or a service, and they will judge the quality of your products or services, and make a purchase decision by reading the content you produce.

The content you post on social media platforms is as important as the content you create for your ecommerce website because it can increase your ecommerce website conversion rate. 60% of millennials will follow their favorite brands and consistently check their social media websites to hear about new arrivals, deals, coupons and events.

Millennials demand engaging content. Images, videos, user experiences and the overall look of website needs to be optimized across multiple devices in order to leave a good impression about your brand on your customers.

5. Offer Promotion Deals and Coupon Codes

Deals and coupon codes are something that will remain alive in ecommerce marketing. Millennial shoppers love deals and discounts, and always look for discount offers prior to make a purchase. These are the people who are actually looking for low prices.

According to the statistics:

       . A 20% discount offer is enough to persuade 50% of shoppers to visit a physical store.

       63% of millennial shoppers check the social media channels of brands that regularly offer discount offers.

        . 23% of shoppers prefer half the price deals, while 17% want deals at any price.

Over to You

Millennials are tech savvy, have more power and money. Therefore, it makes sense to market your ecommerce business to them. Now it is the right time to adopt some techniques that can help you persuade millennial shoppers to become your customers.


Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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