6 Proven SEO Techniques That Will Double Your Website Traffic

6 Proven SEO Techniques That Will Double Your Website Traffic

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6 Proven SEO Techniques That Will Double Your Website Traffic

Imagine yourself as an entrepreneur who had labored day in and day out to overcome all the startup hurdles and managed to establish your business. Now, you wish to get the word out about your business. You created a website for this purpose. Unfortunately, your website is not getting the number of visitors you had anticipated.

After trying your luck at traditional modes of advertising and failing miserably, you are now shifting your focus towards digital marketing. Search engine optimization is an integral part of digital marketing. which is why any digital marketing company in Dubai worth its salt would do well to pay heed to it. To give you an idea of how important your search engine rankings are when it comes to attracting more traffic, here are some statistics.

  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
  • 75% of users don’t bother to go beyond the search results.
  • 60% of all search traffic goes to the first three organic search results.
  • According to HubSpot, 80% of your website’s traffic comes from search queries.

Now that you are convinced that optimizing your website for search engines is pivotal for generating more traffic, let’s look at some latest SEO techniques that can infallibly boost your website traffic.

1. Identify What Your Users Want to Read

To boost your visibility online and grab the attention of users, you will have to give them what they are looking for. But how can you know what they want to read on your website? There are myriad ways to do that. You can gauge their interests by seeing which of your posts get more shares, likes, and comments on social media or use a tool like BuzzSumo for this purpose.

Secondly, you can employ platforms like Quora to know what questions your users are asking. You can also see some useful suggestions by typing in keywords in the Google Search Console. Track metrics such as your bounce rate and exit percentage on your site in Google Analytics and you will have a clear picture about what your users are interested in reading.

2. Spy on your Competitors

Although there is nothing wrong with investing time in keyword research, why re-invent the wheel when all the arduous work has already been done by your competitors. Spy on the exact keywords your competitors and using or ranking for and create content around them. Believe it or not, brands like Starbucks have used this strategy in China and have managed to achieve great results.

SEO Techniques

There are many SEO tools that can help you spy on your competitors such as Ahrefs, Open Site Explorer and SpyFu. When you know the tactics that your competitors are using, you can devise a stellar strategy and gain a competitive advantage over your rivals. You can even see the backlinks of your competitors and leverage them to get high authority backlinks.

3. Write Long Form Content

Backlinko analyzed 1 million searches and concluded that an average search result on the first page of search engine incorporates 1890 words. Other studies have endorsed this point and shown that long-form content tends to outperform superficial content on all fronts, from social shares to lead generation. That does not mean that you start writing long-form content for the sake of it. It should deliver value to clients and offer them an in-depth knowledge of a specific topic to go viral.

SEO Techniques

4. SEO Optimized Landing Pages

Landing pages are akin to doors. The more doors you have in your house, the more chances you have of bringing in people from different directions. Similarly, the higher the number of landing pages on your website, the greater an influx of traffic you can attract for your website. Don’t know how to create eye-catching, search engine optimized landing pages? Check out this thought-provoking example of a landing page by Copyblogger.

SEO Techniques

Did it pass your eye that this landing page lacks a navigation button, which is a fantastic way to keep the user on the landing page? The page is replete with valuable information and a call-to-action to complete the action. Make sure the call to action is prominently visible, incorporates a lucrative offer and is relevant.

5. Create Infographics

According to the statistics, our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. 90% of information transmitted to our brains is visual. As far as the impact goes, an infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a regular article. It garners more shares, likes and increases conversion as well as helping to grow your website traffic. Another big advantage of using infographics is that you can explain complex concepts in an easily-digestible manner.

To create eye-catching and informative infographics, start off by collecting data. Look out for interesting statistics that are relevant to the topic. Creating infographics has never been easier than it is today, thanks to a wide array of online tools. Canva is a great tool for designing infographics. It allows you to choose a pre-built template and build an infographic within minutes. For those who wish to start from scratch, Canva offers them the right platform to put their creativity to use.

6. Pay attention to Speed and Responsiveness

Google considers page speed as a ranking factor so if your website takes longer to load, you will be languishing at the bottom. Think about the sentiments of a user who has just landed on your website and it fails to load. Would the same user ever return to your website or recommend it to others? No, right. Get rid of the excess baggage and make your website nimble so it can load quickly. Minify code and reduce the number of HTTP requests to reduce the page load times.

With mobile internet users surpassing desktop internet users and Google penalizing non-responsive websites by pushing them down its search rankings, having a responsive website is not an option anymore.  Create a responsive website with the focus on user experience, which is optimized to deliver the best experience on smaller mobile screens.

Which advanced SEO tricks do you use to generate more traffic on your website? Feel free to share your favorite SEO tactics 2018 with us in the comments section below.

Sarmad Hasan
Sarmad Hasan
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