Master these 7 Factors to Perfect a Slick Stationery Design

Master these 7 Factors to Perfect a Slick Stationery Design

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Master these 7 Factors to Perfect a Slick Stationery Design

We live in a digital world where we deal with numerous digital touchpoints that are leveraging the power of the Internet. With everything digital around us, isn’t it odd that we even look for stationery as we can send a letter through email with all the animation/graphics we need?

For Generation Z, stationery is found in only post offices and used workplace for specific tasks like sending an invitation for an event. While some of the millennials know that stationery design is important, but they think that for the designing part, they need a fortune. This isn’t true as getting a good stationery design depends upon your requirements and the cost also varies a lot.

Stationery design is an extension of your brand and what it values. Through stationery, like an envelope or business card, for example, the message can be sent across without spending millions on marketing. Your stationery design is a unique and creative way to generate a fresh look and feel for your product or service.

With a low budget, a company gets a professional stationery design without breaking a bank. Just go through the following seven factors for stationery design as they are related to what goes behind the designing and can attract businesses and individuals alike.

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  1. Clarity

The design needs a clear direction for achieving the best results. If you are trying to hire a designer or a professional team in this regard, clarity must be on their minds to make things work for you. You can instruct them to share your business’s philosophy, goals, culture and what the design should communicate to customers.

You can share a concept in detail so that your target audience will know more about it. Else, you can talk about impressions and emotions that are portrayed by your brand. For a frozen dessert brand, for example, this can be the happiness and joy that people associate after eating their favorite flavor. Your stationery design needs to depict this joy through an image or a tagline/slogan. More on this later.

  1. Imagery

Humans process graphics and pictures quicker than text. That’s why they use images to break down your stationery is a good option but make sure the imagery is relevant to the product or service being marketed for ever stationery item. Taking permission for any copyrighted pictures is a requirement, as non-compliance can get you into trouble. And the use of high-resolution images is always recommended for the best results.

  1. White Space

Always try to incorporate white space in your stationery design as it can make the design stand out. I am sure that, like many businesses, you also want to fill your stationery design with text and pictures, but this may result in a design that looks cluttered. A person may soon lose interest in it. White space can give your stationery design a breathing space, just like web design.

If you want to make your design stand out, white space will help you in breaking down areas of your stationery. This makes it possible for you to prioritize the area of importance in your design for a better impact.

  1. Specifications

Look for the specifications in the design and never falter from them. From printing, color, dimensions, resolution, font types, designers need all this information to come up with a great design. From business cards to envelopes and letterheads, to name a few, you need to provide your requirements to the designer.

Go for a highly experienced designer so that he can work in your favor with minimum supervision and work according to your needs.

  1. Logo and Slogan

While logo designing can be a separate project altogether, in stationery design, you can use your current logo or create a new one to design a new identity for your business. A simple yet effective is the need of the hour so that in printing, it can be scaled to suit items as big as a panaflex and small items like business cards and mugs.

A slogan is a requirement for any business nowadays. A slogan is a type of promise that you do with your prospective customers, and a catchy tagline can make things spicier for you. A slogan may not be present on every piece of stationery, but wherever possible, include your slogan as it is a good way to do branding for your product without much effort.

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  1. Use of Exciting Colors

The use of bold colors can give your stationery the edge. While you will find many business cards and envelopes using the default black color for printing, the use of just two colors can add a new dimension to your stationery design. Color is definitely in and apt use of white space can considerably enhance the effect to the optimum.

The use of softer colors will bring in a subdued effect. So, my advice is, use bolder colors that can be utilized for virtually any style you’re trying to incorporate in your campaign.

  1. Printing

Finally, printing the stationery can be done from your office or even from a home computer. But instead of saving a few bucks, go for a professional printing company. If you have such a company in your neighborhood, good enough, else you can order high-quality stationery printed by a company offering their services online. Do a bit of research in this regard so that you can shortlist companies who are adept in this concern.

Don’t compromise on the quality and go for stationery printing that looks slick and can get the attention of your target audience at first glance.


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