Social Media Marketing Predictions that Came True for 2017 - Infographics -

Social Media Marketing Predictions that Came True for 2017 – Infographics

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Social Media Marketing Predictions that Came True for 2017 – Infographics

2016 have been a phenomenal year in terms of social media marketing. Social media marketing has proved its efficacy times and again and has evolved as one of the most prominent and promising marketing medium for businesses of all sizes, online and traditional both.

However, couple of years back the picture was different. Internet was considered as a knowledge bank where the global citizens come to acquire knowledge and learn. But with the swift transition of technologies and social media, internet soon became the bank for business owners who could invest in by putting in efforts and then reap profits in the long run. This also gave rise to the spirit of entrepreneurship globally and many startups came into being, many of which through their consistent efforts have shown improvement and are still thriving in the competitive markets within their business industries.

As mentioned earlier, social media possess a great opportunity for startups and no matter what stage your startup is at, with the help of social media you can continue to grow and reach to a wider audience with very successful endeavor that you do on social media. Working with a professional social media agency in Dubai allowed me to predict few social media trends last year, and which took shape this year. Here’s presenting them to you in an infographic format:

Social Media Marketing Predictions 2017 - Infographics

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Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
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