Build a Highly Engaging Social Media Presence With These 6 Amazing Tips

Build a Highly Engaging Social Media Presence With These 6 Amazing Tips

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Build a Highly Engaging Social Media Presence With These 6 Amazing Tips

Well, not exactly, but it is a witty take by Mikel Jollett, a musician, on what we daily go through on social media. Facebook seems like a family reunion every other day, and too many sponsored messages spoil our experience on Instagram and YouTube, but we still use them regularly.

With over 2.5 billion monthly active users as of April 2020, Facebook is the most popular social media website with YouTube and Instagram close behind. However, for businesses worldwide, these social websites and apps offer them a great chance to interact with their target market and make new customers. With all the companies vying for their attention, how small businesses can attract their potential customers? Smart content and engaging design is the answer.

Can a Stunning Design Make you the Next Overnight Sensation?

Every company aims to become the next sensation, but only a few are able to achieve this. Designing your social media pages so that you can get the attention of your visitors and engage them through relevant content is vital. With every visitor taking notice of the design, businesses need to take the right steps to get their design perfect.

The following steps can help you get a design that truly reflects your brand and raise the interest of your visitors.

  1. Display your Products

Through clever design, you need to showcase your products in a grand way. If you have a flagship product, you need to put emphasis on glorifying it further. And just any design pattern would work; you need to think hard about the use of images, especially in the cover photo, banners, and even in the background.

Images can be used for various other ways on a social media page other than Facebook. For Twitter or Instagram, regularly updating the imagery and keeping things fresh is what is required. And make sure the design is consistent with the company’s branding. If the design is related to a promotional campaign, a strong call to action button, for example, is a requirement.

  1. Relevant and Correct Image Size

It’s vital to know the correct image sizes on different locations of social pages. For example, if a cover photo on your Facebook page is not according to the required parameter, it would look odd as either occupying less or more space is not acceptable. Look at the dimensions of images for any banner, cover photos, etc. to use images on your social pages that fit perfectly.

  • Facebook: 852 x 315 cover photo; 180 x 180 profile picture
  • LinkedIn: 646 x 220 banner image, 100 x 60 company profile picture
  • Twitter: 1252 x 626 cover photo, 73 x 73 profile picture, 1600 × 1200 background image
  • YouTube: 2560 x 1440 cover photo 800 x 800 channel icon
  1. Use of Color

The use of color can be a decisive factor in getting the attention of the visitors on any website. And the same is true for social media pages too. When we talk about snap judgments, the color is the biggest factor for people to decide about a product. In some cases, 90% of these decisions are based on colors alone.

You need to apply colors according to the product. Social media pages of food outlets and restaurants always use red color as it is associated with energy and urgency. For example, Pizza Hut and KFC. The blue color is synonymous with power and trust; that’s why you will find banks and financial institutions like Barclays and Citi Bank using this color.

4. Typography

Apt use of fonts is not only the requirement for a website, but anywhere you have to text. While short videos are most popular on Facebook and Twitter, a description of a new product in simple words or an announcement must be made in using the right fonts. Typically, sans-serif fonts are used for websites and serif for Print.

While attempting to use multiple fonts in your social media page, a font for the heading and the rest of the content is more than enough. Using too many fonts will make it difficult for your audience to go through the text.

  1. Headings and CTAs Related to Cover Pictures and Banners

While you are using persuasive CTAs, you need to connect them with the cover pictures and banners. In this way, you will create a relation between them as visitors will positively think about your product as they can see the visual and read about it at the same time. You can also use the profile picture, and the cover image interacts with each other for the best results.

Using images on different social media platforms requires complete knowledge about their usage as per the guidelines and rules and regulations of different regions. You may get heavily penalized by using a copyrighted image without the consent of the owner or an image deemed inappropriate to use in certain regions.

  1. Make it Creative and Visually Stunning

This is quite obvious, right? A social media page not visually stunning and look like run-of-the-mill stuff will not get the required number of visitors. And even the target audience would not like the page so that they will not spend enough time on it. Let your creativity run wild in terms of offering an experience for your visitors, which is thoroughly engaging.

Coming up with appealing images and graphics for banners and cover photos can dramatically enhance your chances of reaching maximum people. And most importantly, if your images and visuals look cohesive and related, chances are bright that visitors will form a clear understanding of your brand in their minds.

Final Word

The power of visuals on the internet can’t be denied, and social media is all about engaging users with the content grabbing the eyeballs. If you think that designing social media pages is not a big deal, I am sure that after reading this blog, you will change your mind. More care is needed to design a social media page, as it is a lot more than just having an online presence.

If you think you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask something from me, you are encouraged to speak up. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.


Hammad Husain
Hammad Husain
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