Steal the Spotlight with a Sparkling Logo for your Small Business in 6 Simple Steps

Steal the Spotlight with a Sparkling Logo for your Small Business in 6 Simple Steps

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Steal the Spotlight with a Sparkling Logo for your Small Business in 6 Simple Steps

“A poor logo doesn’t mean a business will fail, and a good logo doesn’t mean it will succeed – it just helps. Ultimately a good logo is something that people recognize instantly and relate to.”

Matt Mickiewicz – Co-Founder of SitePoint and Hired

The principal role of a logo is to make a product or service easily identifiable in a crowded marketplace. The effectiveness of a taut logo depends on how effective and memorable it is on the very first look. A great logo doesn’t need any introduction or description, as it is self-explanatory. But creating a logo can be a headache for first-timers.

Go through this blog, which I have compiled for anyone looking to get a head start in this concern and explore the benefits of a good logo for small businesses and startups.

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  1. Start on Paper

While there are several programs through which you can create a logo easily on a computer or a smartphone, try to start the work on a paper. Thinking why it is a good idea? You may end up creating a really bad logo, but that’s fine. But why draw a bad logo in the first place? Your mind will be free of clutter and then you will be able to focus and come up with a better one.

Bad sketches won’t hurt you but instead will make you go towards your goal more passionately. A logo is simply a visual representation of a brand, so its better to show people what you do instead of writing long paragraphs. An icon in the shape of a logo can make your product tick, so make it memorable.

  1. Use of a Good Graphics Design Software

The next step is the use of good graphics software so that you can create a logo. The use of vector graphics editor is highly recommended so that your image based on pixels, can be changed or scaled indefinitely without any loss of quality. Some famous graphics software you can use is Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, and Inkscape.

  1. White Space to Keep your Design Clean

To offer the best experience to your target audience concerning your logo and make it visible from a distance, keep it clean. This space will also be handy when you use your logo on stationery like a visiting card or letterhead. Space around your logo will allow you to use some text or a letter to extend your logo, featuring the company or product’s name.

  1. Color is Key for a Good Design

The use of black and white can be harsh on our eyes, as they are not in vogue anymore. But it is a good ploy when creating a logo as you don’t have to worry about putting colors and check whether they are appropriate or not. And also, don’t think that only a multicolor logo can offer you a great design. Even a single color design can be effective in delivering the right message, like the Nike logo. The use of multicolor, however, is not restricted. You can use various shades of any color for contrasts that looks truly alluring.

  1. Fonts

People will tell you can to use fonts that are available in word processors. But that’s something you should avoid at all cost. The use of customized fonts can give your logo the much-needed sheen and uniqueness. There are thousands of fonts available that can be used for personal purposes but require a commercial license to be used in logos or any business activity online. Give yourself an edge over your competitors by using unique fonts.

  1. Use Symbols Relevant to Your Brand

If you are producing some electrical equipment, you can put the logo of a lightning bolt in your logo. Your target audience will take little time to guess what’s your logo is trying to say. If you want a quick response, be as literal as possible with your logo and you will be surprised by the reaction.

How can a Good-Looking Logo Benefit your Small Business/Startup?

We all get the same feeling when we look at an attractive logo. Most of the times, our reaction is like, “This is so simple, yet a very catchy one. Why I didn’t think about it?” You need to understand the benefits of how a logo can help your brand in the long term so that you can also come up with great logos of your own.

The following are five benefits that you can get once you are through with the logo design process.

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  1. Gain Attention of Target Market

Quickly grab viewers’ attention and communicate your core values through a great logo. Nowadays, most of your potential customers will judge your business by its appearance. So, getting attention through an eye-catching logo can work to your advantage. Go for a logo that speaks volumes about the product.

  1. Brand Identity

Successful branding through telling an immersive story to influence customers’ emotions is another great benefit of a logo. Although a logo is just a small part of a company’s brand, it can be termed as a vital one. Clever use of colors and fonts can be instrumental in coming up with a logo that can translate your logo onto all of your branding materials like letterhead or business card.

  1. Memorable Logos

A logo that’s memorable enough to linger in the minds of people will do the trick for you. The first impression is the last impression when it comes to a logo. If your target audience gets smitten by your logo design the moment they saw it, it is love at first sight. It can considerably boost your chances as your logo will be etched in their memory for a long time.

  1. A Positive Image

If you want to define the character of your business, think about coming up with a logo that can pop up in the mind of a person looking for a product like you are marketing. For example, as soon as we think of burgers, many of us recall McDonald’s famous sign. Just like that, your logo should have a positive image and instant recall value that can make your brand amongst the finest and most popular ones in the marketplace.

  1. Be in the Limelight

Amongst the plethora of brands and a host of products, you must make a mark for yourself through a logo design that is a notch above the ordinary. It isn’t easy to take on the big guns in the market; you need to give them a run for their money. Turn heads through eye-catching logo design on your website and Its literally half the battle won. A creative and well-thought-out logo design could work wonders for your brand.

Over to you

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