8 Exciting Ideas to start a business in UAE without Acquiring any new skills -

8 Exciting Ideas to start a business in UAE without Acquiring any new skills

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8 Exciting Ideas to start a business in UAE without Acquiring any new skills

In a survey conducted by Gallup, 85% of employees in UAE are not employed, and even if they are, they’re not content with their jobs. Maybe you’re living in UAE and is one of those disgruntled employees who can’t wait to bid adieu to their dreg of a job and start their own business in UAE.

Like most dreamers, there is a chance that you aspire to launch your own business but are stuck in a rut when it comes to hitting on a golden idea.

Although it is good to excel at your job, it is also important to know your strengths and be aware of your weakness. What are you good at? What is the one skill that makes you different from others? By combining your skills with what you enjoy doing most, you can come up with great business ideas that truly play to your strengths.

Here are some suggestions that can help you brainstorm some fresh ideas on launching your business in UAE:

  1. A freelance writing business

If you want to start earning today, you can create an account on Freelancer or Upwork and put your writing to effective use. You will find potential clients looking for freelance work.

Once you’ve gained ample experience, you can create a company profile and turn it into a home business.

What are your strengths as a writer? If you have copywriting experience, go for copywriting instead of blogging. You can do business without spending a dime on your business setup in UAE.

2) Start Putting Together resumes for people

If you’re not ready for full-time writing, you can start with CV writing.

Earn Up to £32,500 a year with a part-time CV writing business. You don’t need any specialized skills or past experience to start this business; you don’t even need to spend a dime to launch your service. Just make a page on Facebook or start with a profile on Instagram. Find hashtags on Instagram and start earning by penning down CVs for applicants.

3) Teach a language, earn a fortune

Do you have a gift with languages? Why not inculcate your knowledge in other people and earn a fortune?

Design a language course and upload it on Udemy. Or you can upload on CourseHero and earn up to $500 per week. You’ll earn money every time a student enrolls in your course. Many people don’t think they know enough of a topic to teach it, but the truth is, you don’t need to be an expert to create and sell an online course. You simply need to know more than most.

You need to tailor your courses for various levels of difficulty, starting from a beginner level to those designed for more advanced users.

4) Build a much-needed app

Are you passionate about coding? Why not develop an app which is the next greatest thing since sliced bread?

Talk to your friends, your business associates and ask them what they need. Gather around all your needs in one place and provide the solution in the form of a mobile app.

Mobile app development is the next revolution. Whether your business has an app or not, your potential customers are inevitably hooked to mobile devices. You just need to solve their problems and they’ll be happy to pay you for it.

5) Start a real estate agency

Real Estate industry has been blooming in UAE for quite some time now. Prices are sky-rocketing by the day. And if you want to earn a fortune, you can start by setting up a real estate business. If you don’t want to be caught up in the hassle of running a brick and mortar set up, you can do business online with a stellar business website. As a website design & development agency, we can help you build a trendy website for your real estate business.

6) A Café, Bakery, or a restaurant

Can you bake riveting treats or cook up a scrumptious meal? Why not turn your passion for cooking into a lucrative career and start earning from home? Consider opening a Coffee shop, a Kahwa shop, or a fast food joint.

The food and beverage industry, in general, is a bit of a double-edged sword – perpetually popular, but hard to survive in. So make sure that you’ve done your diligent market research and have validated your business idea.

7) A day care center

If you love kids, you’re in luck. With the proliferation of working moms in the UAE, childcare is a much-needed service in the country.

You have plenty of options in the niche; you could go the full-time nanny route, establish a childcare service at your home, or rent a commercial space, depending on your goals and the scope of your expansion.

8) Start a senior assistance business

Do you harbor a passion for helping the elderly improve their quality of life? If so, you could start a small business focused on assisting senior citizens.

Be it running errands, taking members to social functions, or helping them around the house, there are plenty of options, and starting a business where you get to make a difference in somebody’s life can be deeply rewarding.

Did I miss your skill set? What are you great at? Share with me in the comments, or on Twitter, and we’ll continue brainstorming!

Yousuf Rafi
Yousuf Rafi has been working with writing challenged clients for over four years. His educational background is in Computer Science coupled with Masters Degree in Business Communication. Being a tech-savvy he loves to write about latest happenings, and tips on web design & development, mobile app development, and SEO. Currently employed at DubaiMosnters.com – a digital design agency in UAE, Yousuf loves reading and exploring new ideas.