6 Surefire Ways to Set Your Brand Apart on Social Media

6 Surefire Ways to Set Your Brand Apart on Social Media

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December 19, 2018
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6 Surefire Ways to Set Your Brand Apart on Social Media

With hundreds and thousands of businesses and millions of people active on social media, it can be extremely tricky to come up with innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve. Every brand is trying hard to get the attention of more and more people on social media.

Did you know 1440 blog posts, 3.3 million Facebook posts, 65,972 Instagram photos, and 3,472 Pinterest images are posted every minute? Yes, you read it right every minute! And more surprisingly the process repeats 1,440 times per day.

With this staggering amount of social media content, how is it possible to cut through the noise and stay ahead of the game. Being a social media marketer, you have to come up with some creative ways to earn trust and brand awareness on social media which will definitely help you get huge success on social media.

Here are a few effective and results-oriented ways to stand out on social media every brand can follow to convey their message and grab the attention of a wider audience.

1. Tell Your Brand Story

Whether you care to believe it or not, stories can effectively connect your brand to your audience on an emotional level. It is a worthwhile idea to incorporate your brand story into your social media marketing strategy and tell your customers how you started and the sole reason behind your brand’s existence. You can also incorporate the story of your customer experiences in your social media strategy and connect them on an emotional level. Implementing this strategy in your social media will help your brand catch the love and attention of more and more users.

2. Create a Unique Style Statement

One of the most effective strategies to cut through the noise on social media is to follow a specific color palette, strong visuals, filters and image style to create a unique statement and look. Following a specific theme on your social media accounts will set the mood of your followers and depict your brand’s approach and current mood. To reflect the feel of your brand, focus on maintaining the quality of visuals to attract and retain followers. Get creative and come up with some unique ways to use visuals in amazing ways to define your brand’ values.

3. Add a Fun Element

In today’s digital world, brands are transforming the way they connect with their fans. They focus on strong, direct calls to action, obvious benefits of their products and services and excellent customer service. Today’s consumers are over smart, they look for brands that offer quality services/products and content that offers entertainment and valuable information. In order to stay competitive, your brand should focus on creating a brand personality that truly reflects your core values and offers valuable content in an engaging, fun way. Add a fun element to your social media posts is the key to create excitement among your fanbase.

4. Leverage User-Generated Content

It is one of the most effective ways to stand out on social media is to harness the power of user-generated content to define your brand. Carefully identify why customers use your services or products and then ask your loyal fans to share their experience about your services or products. You can UGC to create strong connections and build brand credibility. Keep in mind that fresh, unique and engaging content is key for attracting a larger user base.

5. Share Different Content Types

Besides sharing blog posts, articles, and UGC, you can post videos, infographics, behind-the-scenes content, latest offers, webinars, lists, advertisements and anything you want to create audience engagement. Leveraging a variety of content types that create maximum user engagement can help your brand set apart from others. Redesign your content marketing strategy and try using different content mediums to create a unique social presence. Whatever content medium you choose to share on social media, make sure it follows a consistent theme and conveys your brand message that enhances your brand image.

6. Create a Stellar Content Marketing Strategy

Having a workable strategy in place is key to enhance your social media presence. All you need to do is to follow the latest trends to create wonderful to share on social media that keep your fans coming back. Make sure to keep your target audience in mind while creating content as it will help you achieve the best results.

In the End

The digital world is loaded with businesses of all shapes and sizes struggling hard to grab users’ attention to generate conversions and sales. To earn your position as a leading marketing company in Dubai and generate maximum user engagement, share your brand voice and core values, create an amazing experience for your customers. With little creativity and following these great ideas, you can extend your brand experience and improve your social media relationships with your customers.

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem (@SaherNaseemD) is a creative writer, blogger and a social media addict. Blog writing is her passion and she shares her knowledge and insights on the latest advancements, on-going trends and much more. Currently, she is working for Dubai Monsters - a leading web design company in Dubai that offers digital marketing solutions.