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The Best Practices for Making More Revenues from Paid Advertising

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The Best Practices for Making More Revenues from Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is considered as one of the best ways to gain traffic to your site. It gives a boost to your business and market your services word worldwide. Paid advertising is a comprehensive way to spread awareness and draw business. This method can become costly at times; this is because of lack of awareness among people.

Though paid advertising is the best way to interact with the masses, there are numerous cautious measures if taken under consideration can result in drastic positive results.

Below are the best practices that should be taken under consideration before you startup paid advertising.  

Know Your Platform

There are a number of places where you can buy and post ads. But every website has its strengths and weaknesses. For that you first need to understand the types of ads.

Banner Ads: are also known as display ads, thaat contaons an image and text to display promotional offers. These are great attention grabbers due to their visually appealing color combination and promotional offer.

Text Ads: are composed of a catchy image and a few promotional lines of text. They can be helpful in keyword research.

Social Media Ads: Social media platforms are a great way to promote your company, products or services. Different platforms propose different rates for ad posting. Lead promotional platform include, Facebook, Twitter stumbleupon and LinkedIn.  

Long Tail Keywords

long tail keywords

Before you step in the realms of paid advertising, learn how it works. It is not important to always search for the highest traffic keywords, think like a customer for a second and create keywords. Look out for something called as long tailed keywords, these are basically a combination of prases people used to search and make up the majority of search driven traffic.

Create a Unique But Attractive Landing Page


landing page

Landing page is an important component of the whole advertising campaign. It is where your visitor lands instead of your homepage. There are 3 basic reasons that make landing page a critical element for paid advertising on the internet.

Landing pages allow you to customize your call to action message to visitors. This helps you in communicating more efficiently with your visitors and caters them accordingly. These custom landing pages can help you promote a specific occasion or spread awareness or even can compel visitors to download a free e-book etc.Landing pages makes tracking visitors easier, this helps when you notice your analytical changes.

Keep A Track Record




If you aren’t tracking your analytics you aren’t exploiting the full potential of your ad posted. Make sure you keep a close watch on your analytics. The beautiful thing about the internet today is that you can visualize every possible difference made. Use Google analytics to scan the differences and to visualize optimum changes occurred within a respective timeframe. Google analytics will also provide you with a single dashboard to compare all your advertising campaigns.

Keeping a good record of your paid advertising campaign will enable you to figure out which channel was the most productive and drawn more traffic. If you need any help regarding your paid advertising campaign, get in touch with us, we are a PPC agency in Dubai that helps you get more revenue from your ads. 



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