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The Do’s and Don’ts of Call to Action (CTA) – Critical to Success

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Call to Action (CTA) – Critical to Success

Calls to Action (CTAs) buttons are critical to the success of any website. This is the major reason why they are strategically placed after a radical forethought and planning. They are meant to entice the users into clicking them. This makes them a part of the most critical inbound marketing tools your website has.

If a visitor just visits and never takes an action, your business will soon die. However, if your website or the landing page motivates visitors to taking an action, you are actually converting them into leads. This helps them to move towards sales-readiness, towards a road that covers most of the process.

People often fall prey to figuring out ways for CTAs to work in their favors. Today, you will learn all the right techniques that make up for effective CTAs and the don’ts that just don’t work.

1. Hidden VS Reachable

 – Don’t hide your CTAs in places that are barely reachable for the visitors. They are completely worthless and purposeless if you do that. If you don’t place them up front where the visitor can see them, you are making a huge mistake.

– Do place your CTAs where the visitors can easily find them. Ensure that it is in the front, middle, above or below the fold. As long as they are in visitor’s eye-path, you are doing fine.

2. Website background color VS Unique Color

– Don’t use the same color as your website background color for your CTA button. If you do that, it will definitely blend in the page causing difficulty for the visitors to notice it as a different entity.

– Do use a unique, bold and a strikingly contrasting color for your CTA button. This way it will stand out from the rest of the website, making it bold enough to be noticed by the visitor.

3. Tiny VS Big and Bold

– Don’t use too tiny CTAs that are barely noticeable by the visitors. If you do that you are making it impossible for the visitors to even find them when the need be.

– Do create big and bold CTAs so that they are prominent enough on the website. This increases the likelihoods of them getting clicked as they are easily visible.

4. Clichéd VS Compelling

–  Don’t use words that are a cliché or a language that is passive. Take the word “Submit” as an example. Use something other than that because nobody is willing to just ‘submit’.

– Do use words and phrases that are actionable and have a value for the visitor. They want to know what happens next so make sure CTAs deliver value, like in the button stating “Get your free trial”, “Download Now” or “Talk to an Expert”. Plain branding is not the only purpose of the CTAs, value delivery is.

5. Too many VS Just Right

– Don’t use bundles of CTAs on a single page. The entire purpose of the CTAs is to stand out as unique. The visitors need to be guided to just one defined and desired course of action through the click. If you have too many of them placed on a page, you are shouting out too many things at a time and eventually nothing will get noticed.

– Do use at least one and at the most two CTAs on a single web page. If you are using two of them, ensure that one is primary and the other one is secondary to that.

These are some of the most prominent tricks that are used by top-notch brands to influence their customers into clicking. You will most certainly be able to achieve a lot once you start relying on these techniques. Also, A/B testing is important when it comes to choosing which method works for you best. If you have any confusion, try it with and without the above, or any fresh ideas you have in mind, CTA techniques and see how your visitor responds to each.


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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