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The Stress-Free Website Redesign Guide for Entrepreneurs

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Are you going to launch a new product or brand identity and thinking that your website design is outdated, then finally it is the right time to give your company website a fresh start.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs believe that redesigning your website is a painful process, but it is not at all. Most small business owners believe that it is worth avoiding lengthy pages, otherwise you have to pay a web design agency, or gather a team of freelance web designers and developers for web design and web development process.

No matter if you are going to hire a web design agency or a team of freelancers, make sure they are experienced, have the potential to meet deadlines and offer flexible payment terms. If you have decided to revamp your website, stick with it, keep these effective techniques in mind that will help you redesign your website smartly.

Plan in Advance

Prior to hiring a professional web design agency, you need to get prepared in advance. Keep in mind you have a proper budget to paying a professional web designer or a web design company for their services. As a business leader, it is your responsibility to hire the right people that can deliver the best web design services according to your specifications. Moreover, find out things that can improve your website design, find a few examples of website designs that you love. You can go for a Google search or websites like, Sortfolio, Web Crème and Awwards.

The Budget Allotment

Once you have prepared for the redesign process, develop your budget. Find out can you afford a professional web design and development agency or a freelance worker for your website revamp for thousands of dollar. Set a budget and stick with it. Bandwidth is another important thing to remember. You need to plan in advance as professional web designers and developers have different other commitments with their clients.

Choose the Right Designer or Agency

The right web design company or an experienced web designer can guide you in the right direction. They have a credibility to uphold and have no interest in creating an unhappy customer relationship. They will come up with the smart and effective solutions that will actually work for your website.

Choose the Right Project Management Platform

Now you have chosen a reliable web design company or a trustworthy freelance designer, choose the right project management platform. Don’t go with the email option. There are a number of cloud based apps like Google drive, Basecamp, Podio, Smartsheet and more. These are the safest and affordable option that can help keep the revision requests and timelines organized.

Standard Payment Methods

It is standard for each web design agency to have their own payment methods and terms. But usually it is expected to pay half of the payment upfront and the remaining half upon completion. Some web design agencies may require a monthly deposit while some prefer to work on hourly basis. It is your duty to make sure they complete their project on time and share their hourly updates. It is advised to never pay for web design services in advance. Calculate the budget that requires complete web design services, including web hosting and website maintenance.

Expect Realistic Deadlines

Be prepared for technical glitches and set achievable goals. Technical errors are par for the course. Giving yourself a realistic deadline and tackling technical difficulties smartly will surely help you complete the website redesign process more smoothly.

Consider your Target Audience

Prior to redesigning your website, don’t forget your customers, fans and readers. Keep your customers and readers updated about your upcoming landing page. Take this website revamp as a marketing opportunity. Inform your fans how excited you are for your upcoming website look. Share posts regarding relaunch on Facebook and Twitter. The efforts you are making for website redesign will ultimately boost your marketing efforts and sales in return.


Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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