Bulldozing the bull- Handy Tips for logo Designers to Beat the Creative Block

Bulldozing the bull- Handy Tips for logo Designers to Beat the Creative Block

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Tips for Logo designers to understand that their work involves a great deal of experience, a whole lot of skills and a lot of knowledge. Whether they are making a new logo from ground zero or are revamping an existing logo, they need to know how to represent a brand or a product in a worthwhile manner.

Whenever a well-crafted and well-designed logo is aligned with top-notch products/services as well as relevant information, it automatically becomes an asset which is priceless. A logo is an integral part of a brand, a website, a mobile app along with many other things. It is the first piece of branding which potential customers can observe.

What does a logo tell? It tells relevant information about the product to customers. If customers can connect well with it, they are quite likely to invest their time and money in the company as well as the products/services it offers.

Numerous brands are competing for attention not from their target audience but also from their prospective audience. This means the logo should be more than compelling enough to encourage viewers to come towards the brand.

Logo designers shouldn’t hesitate in thinking about a person, an object, a product, a service, a brand or any other thing that made any kind of impact on their life. They can easily picture what either of them is like and can apply to brands too. A logo is basically a face that plays a key role in connecting buyers with organizations.

Creative block affects Tips for logo Designers – time to defeat it

At times, being creative for long can be impossible. Regardless of whether logo designers are working on a large scale project or a small one, or simply fighting off the midday fatigue (in both physical and mental terms), creative block is an issue which not only affects logo designers but also other people in both the creative and other industries. However, there are ways to overcome the blocks and create an iconic logo design. 

In some projects, beginning them might be the problem. In some projects, it is setting the sail smoothly which can be quite tough. At times, catching each small detail and getting revisions for it, that is also a problem. There are instances where visual elements of design need to be done right and it can be challenging.

Creative block can be defined as that time period when an individual’s (or team’s) creative output falls down to undesirable levels. Unlike tasks like vacuum cleaning rugs, sorting books in shelves and vice versa, creativity tends to have peaks of productivity that are unmatched. 

Such situations can also be under the category of creative block. It is an issue that plagues almost everyone in the creative field. Yet those who have ambition are on a deadline and they need to get the work done.

Now let us have a good look at how logo designers can battle the creative block:

No need to panic

There is no need for any logo designer to even panic. They should take a step back, relax and see what’s happening. If not, they should rest for a while and breathe nicely without even thinking about the deadline. Having a good snack or a refreshment is good. Having a different perspective works as no project ever got successful by sitting late.

Listening to some good music

Like the human body, the human mind needs a good break and sleeping isn’t enough. There is one relaxing habit that does not involve spending much money. It is listening to some great music. 

Whether they are MP3s stored on computers, tablets or phones, discs, Spotify or YouTube, a few minutes of good music can help designers relax, reload and get some nice inspirations to draw things. In fact they can identify the styles they are fluent in.

Taking some time off and looking for inspiration in unlikely places

Logo designers can always take some time off and go to places where they can do something entirely different. Each designer doing this would be surprised about the most unlikely sources of inspiration that will help them get going.

Looking for and conducting random things

It would be wise for designers to look for things that are random. They can pick any item any day, study it and try making a logo out of it. This can help in tackling client requests nicely. 

Taking part in the circle challenge is good as designers get a paper with 30 circles drawn on it where they then draw an item through coloring, lining or joining the circles. With designers having two minutes to complete the task, the outcome can be as per designers’ imagination as it helps improve their design flexibility.

Calligraphy can help bring artists out of designers. If not, then designing a mascot can help bring out the needed creativity which can help a brand make an identity and glorify its personality. Designers can make one for themselves and that can help evoke both their creativity and personality.

Drawing incomplete shapes

Logo designers in this activity make incomplete shapes on paper and try completing them in two minutes. The goal is to draw something that makes something (and it need not necessarily be right). This can help logo designers overcome creative block.

What works best when trying to overcome this phenomenon depends from one person to another. Professional logo designers face such blocks more often and deal with them their own way.

Going against the flow

Going against the flow may seem unusual but it does play a good role in averting cliché and generic ness. A lot of logo designers often come with great ideas once they are done with random and uncreative tasks.

Talking to fellow designers

Creative ideas aren’t easy to generate when designers are constantly thinking of new ideas. They can always ask their fellow designers to help them. They can look at the design issue from a different perspective and can help resolve the issue. 

All that is needed is discussing the problem with the fellow designers hoping that they can give a unique suggestion from their perspective. They can even point out what they might be doing wrong and this can help fix the correct things.

Surrounding oneself with positivity

Research indicates that good mood and a positive mindset help improve creative thinking. Regardless of how bad the client has been, it does pay to hold on to positive thoughts. It helps designers recover from bad feelings and start working nicely again.

Colors also help influence moods and feelings. The color blue helps people feel calmer whereas the color red can trigger anger. Such a revelation is utilized nicely by interior designers along with medical doctors in helping improve both physical and mental health.

The colors green and blue are beneficial in helping improve creative thinking. Hence logo designers should be able to surround themselves with these colors when they are trying to think beyond the box.

Moreover, designers should play with their kids, go to the gym, spend time coloring in a coloring book, play some video games and vice versa. This will help them declutter their mind, relax and help them focus on their inspiration for their upcoming design and visual elements.


Creative blocks are normal, and everyone in the creative industry faces them. That is why they should have some time out and time off, so they can have a holiday, play some games, watch TV, use a pen and color pencils for recreation and even relax for a certain period to shake off the stress and be back at work with a bang.

Fahad Khan
Fahad Khan
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