Impressive tips for making travel brochures and leaflets

Eye Candy: Impressive tips for making travel brochures and leaflets

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Eye Candy: Impressive tips for making travel brochures and leaflets

2022 is the year where the travel industry is now optimistic, given the harsh setback caused by the COVID-19 pandemic two years ago. Based on the latest information available, worldwide international tourist arrivals doubled in January 2022. This is much better than that of January last year.

Now is a good time for marketers in the travel industry to not only analyze the dynamics but also give their content marketing strategies something new to focus on.

What about travel brochures?

Travel brochures are not exclusively booked for just resorts and hotels. The good news is that tourist hotspots, travel destinations (Museums, shops, malls, parks, etc.) can also benefit from travel brochures too. Now we will see how good travel brochures are for all sorts of tourist attractions and landmarks, so marketers can have a good marketing season during the travel season.

A travel brochure meaning – what is it exactly?

A travel brochure is a promotion-based material. It advertises and promotes a destination, a sightseeing attraction, a particular touring area, or a tour activity. They can inspire tourists to plan a trip and educate them about the sights to see and things they can do once they have arrived at their place of interest.

travel brochure

In terms of the brochure’s format, industry experts recommend that companies create both printed and online travel brochures to suit the needs of a wider array of clients. 

Let us consider a small example. Some tourists may prefer going through printed brochures at the office of any travel company. Then there are some who will prefer receiving an online brochure. Alternatively, the latter can find it on the web and explore it in the comfort of their home in their free time easily.

Making online travel brochures can give travel businesses and companies new opportunities for presenting great content. Here are some real-time benefits:

  • It provides travel companies the needed competitive edge with interactive and engaging features (like outbound links, realistic page flipping effects, pop-up images, GIFs, and videos). Hence marketers can make a completely immersive reading experience with their brochures and raise both bookings, & sales.
  • It allows travel companies to raise their brand awareness by customizing the brochure with their color schemes and adding favicons and a logo with a unique background.
  • It even helps them share their content through a direct link.
  • Additionally, a travel brochure can be embedded in their websites which can be shared on social media or by means of a QR code, alternatively.

Handy tips for creating a top-class travel brochure

Here are the steps compiled with the sound advice of experienced content marketers, designers, and other associated professionals in the travel industry which are handy in creating a top-class travel brochure:

Using bright and compelling imagery

bright and compelling imagery

Traveling and tourism help create memories in tourists. A lot of tourists imagine a wide sea with sandy beaches when it comes to a beach for a vacation. Some tourists imagine villages having cobble-stone pavements and cozy townhouses and at times, they love to witness clear blue skies with amazing mountains.

This is the very reason brochures must have top-notch professional quality pictures. This can help evoke positive emotions and also aid in readers imagining themselves in the destinations of their dreams.

Marketers must cover a wide array of sites which they offer in the brochures. Some travelers can be interested in beaches, some want to visit the parks and the gardens, while some will go to theme parks and museums. Covering points of interest is a must, and popular items and dishes should be exhibited.

The color scheme should complement both text and images

color scheme

Colors also play a key role in making the travel brochure’s aura and atmosphere. Those showcasing tropical locations should use bright shades of blue, yellow, and green for highlighting the images. Those showcasing museums should use calm and pastel hues to make the brochure readable.


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Descriptive copy should be written

written Copy

When it comes to the brochure’s copy (aka text), a descriptive one is key. Each travel marketer desires to make it clear that readers want to visit this place. They want to paint a convincing image. Let us have a look at the following example.

The first one: Come to Los Angeles today! California’s leading fun place and the home of Hollywood. Walk on the picturesque sandy beaches, visit the rodeo drive, savor the finest Mexican, Italian, Indian, French, Asian, and American dishes, and visit the Staples Center, home to the L.A Lakers. You will surely enjoy visiting the city of Angels. Book your vacation now!
The second one: Book a vacation to the City of Angels, America’s home of entertainment! Los Angeles is the dream destination of those seeking an entertaining vacation. Enjoy the refreshing sunshine and breeze at the city’s amazing beaches, take a stroll on the Marina near Playa Del Rey, have a great time shopping at Rodeo Drive or in the city’s brilliant malls, visit the Los Angeles museum to explore history and artifacts, see the Lakers play at the Staples Center, or see the Rams and Chargers make the NFL shine at SoFi Stadium, savor the various cuisines of the world and America at the finest restaurants the city has to offer, dance the night away at some of the city’s finest dance clubs and enjoy the finest Los Angeles has to offer. Contact us today to arrange your trip of a lifetime to L.A.

Ask yourself: which one is compelling you to visit Los Angeles? Those who can transport someone to the city with the copy will immediately book the next flight to Los Angeles.

Do not forget including location details and key contact information

including location

Addresses and contact information for the place of attraction should be on the cover. Comprehensive explanations and directions on reaching the places mentioned in the brochure. It should be easy for readers to contact the company via call, email or the website for any further queries or resolution of any impending issues.

Even though Google Maps are helpful, they should have maps and brochures should be integrated with the former. A general map in the front section of the brochure for providing reference points. More specific maps should be added in the succeeding sections to provide the needed local information.

Templates are time savers

Designers and marketers at travel companies facing time constraints and a bit of a problem designing a brochure from ground zero can look towards templates. They can pick one according to the destination and customize it as per their preference and taste.

Examples of travel brochures

Here are some worthwhile examples of travel brochures that are captivating and can evoke interest in readers with ease:

  1. Here is a world travel tri-fold brochure:
  2. Here is a simple tri-fold travel brochure:
  3. A photo-centric outdoor travel brochure
  4. Minimalist trifold travel brochure


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Making a travel leaflet

Travel leaflets are indeed interesting and are able to draw considerable interest. It gives travel companies the space to tell readers about the travel destinations and why they should go there. They usually comprise of the following content:

  • Logo.
  • Images.
  • The text (copy): It should have an introduction, information about travel services and destinations, and have the needed contact details.

Tips for creating the leaflet

Here are some worthwhile tips for making a travel leaflet:


Leaflets should serve a purpose and their content should be given a second thought. Would a bi-fold one be better or a tri-fold one? Those who wish to make a menu or detailed information should go for the latter. Those wanting to add images may go with the former.

Design template

Numerous professional templates are available for leaflets. Travel industry professionals can choose their desired ones, choose the colors, upload the logo, and design it accordingly for a neater look.

Content layout

Once the template has been chosen, it is then time to add content and edit it accordingly. One or two fonts are better and best to divide it with the needed headings to make sure it is readable.

Quality of material and finishing touches

Once all has been decided, it is time to select the paper stock which is best suited to the leaflet’s style. Menus need to be robust if it is to be used multiple times, and vibrant colors and images should stand out.


Leaflets and travel brochures are indeed fun to read and look at. Designing them does take a good amount of time and work. Then again, the effort put into them is definitely worth the buck and worth the time too.

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