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10 Tips for Writing a Compelling Ad Copy that Boosts Clicks & Conversions

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10 Tips for Writing a Compelling Ad Copy that Boosts Clicks & Conversions

Believe it or not, to create any social media campaign, good copy writing skills is must. But what if you have hundreds of other tasks to be done? Obviously, it can be pretty daunting to give your brand content the value that it deserves. However, if you carefully craft your ad, it will pay back with better engagement, quality clicks, and most of all, lower costs.

Here are some social media ad writing tips that will help you convert your ad copy into a big hit.

1. Simplicity is the Key

Obviously, you don’t want to make your audience work harder to engage with your ad, therefore, simplicity is the key. When users scroll through their timeline, they don’t even bother to click the see more button to read the full text. Therefore, remove all the additional text so that the reader doesn’t have to click on the button to see the whole text.
To simplify your ad, it is advised to take out all the unnecessary adjectives and replace long and difficult words with short and easier ones.

2. Edit, Edit and Edit

When you spend lot of time writing and creating different ad formats, it is advised to take the time to go through everything again. Though it seems a bit tedious, doing it so can save you from making any mistakes prior to hit the publish button. No matter if you are an expert or amateur, everyone makes mistakes. Carefully check your work, and make it free from any errors and inconsistencies. Running a proofreading session can make the difference and turn a bad ad into a great one. If you don’t have enough time to a review your work, ask a friend or colleague to do that for you. It is always good when it comes to proofreading the text.

3. Stay Away from Jargons

When you run a campaign on a complex topic, you spend a lot of time and efforts to remove jargons from the draft. Why, because it doesn’t add value, in reality, it will make the copy harder to read. Therefore, replace jargons from meaningful words that will deliver the message clearly to the readers.

4. Figure out What Your Readers Want

When you understand who you are targeting and why and what are their preference, you can better speak your target readers and explain their pain points and experiences. It is very important the selection of words, tone and language you use reflect your audience.

5. Test Your Ad Copy Organically

If something works best organically, chances are it will perform best as an ad. Therefore, using organic posting is indeed a good way to test an ad copy. This is the reason, many brands experiment with different headings, images and CTA to see what works best for them. This would help brands to don’t pay for ads that they know their audience won’t engage with.

6. Keep the Scrolling Experience in Mind

While writing the ad copy, it is important to keep the user experience in mind, and on social, you can improve it with scrolling through a newsfeed. You need to consider carefully how your ad message fit together. To create an amazing scrolling experience of your audience, come up with different variations and check which ad variation look like together. Check carefully whether they have compelling images to capture the interest of your readers, or whether they are delivering the right message to your audience.

7. Improve Your Call to Action

It is highly advised to use words or phrases that focus on the benefit to the readers in order to get more clicks and engagement. It is also important to focus on improving the whole experience, not simply one click, such as which page will appear when people click on the ad, what is the ultimate goal of this ad. Your CTA should guide users what is coming next. Obviously, you don’t want that your CTA doesn’t deliver on the promise and to take your readers to any irrelevant page.

8. Use Emojis

The use of emoji on social media is a fun way to interact with your audience as long as it perfectly aligns with your brand voice. Using emoji can increase the effectiveness of the message and create consistency across ads. But keep in mind, your audience is key. If they wouldn’t use emoji, then you should avoid using them either.

9. Choose the Right Format

Every ad must be written with a standard format in mind. No matter if you are writing an ad copy for an image or video, the format you follow to write the copy will be different. When you draft a copy, try different placement of text with other elements like images. You will realize the true difference it makes when make your ads live.

10. Test, Review, Repeat

Try out some new techniques for better results. But get ready to refine the copy with every technique you try. You should always be looking at what performs best and why. A/B testing is an effective way to test out different approaches. It’s also an amazing way to manage stakeholders that want to try a different copy variation. The A/B test can better tell you what is working best and help you make the right decision for your brand.

So, when you write social media ad for your next digital marketing campaign, keep the above-cited tips in mind. This will help you improve your social media ads and generate better results.

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
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