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Tips On How To Fix Your Website Design

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June 16, 2015
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Tips On How To Fix Your Website Design

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So, you have a shiny new website made for you, and you really think that it looks beautiful. However, your website doesn’t seem to get a lot of traffic and the people you’re considering to be visitors, leave your website after a few seconds. Why? What is the problem? If your website is good enough, why do these people always leave? Well, there’s only one answer to all of these questions and that is your web design. Yes, your web design and it’s definitely not good. There are things you might have missed out, or that you did not hire the best web designer in town. If you would like to know how to make things right, here are some of the problems your website is facing and tips on how to fix them:

  • Balance: one of the most basic principle in web design is the balance. It is openly associated with every element, while helping you out to control the flow of the design of your page. There are actually two essential concepts of balance- the asymmetrical and symmetrical balance. With asymmetrical balance is where the elements have different weight, leading to various and unique layouts. With symmetrical balance, the elements have the same weight on both sides, and it leads down to a formal as well as traditional websites. Whenever the balance has been used incorrectly, it could easily lead to a total ruin of the layout.
  •  Distracting background: busy backgrounds can easily distract the attention of your users. It can also hide the essential information and somewhat disrespectful for the visual hierarchy. Whenever your background image has higher visual impact then the others, the users will not easily catch your website’s message and they will leave.
  • Short of details: one of the reasons why your website is not good is all because of the fact that you did not care too much about the minor details. Whenever you think your design’s already completed, you must start from the beginning and apply the details needed on every single element. Once you’re done with all of the details, you should start over and over again and consider where it could be enhanced. Light effects, strokes or even shadows can make a difference between a good and brilliant design.
  • Colors: wrong choice of colors could easily ruin the entirety of your website. The type of colors, the saturation, contrast, style and even the target audience must blend well together. There are a whole lot of factors that you must consider when picking up the colors suitable for your website. Keep in mind, using brighter colors, or similar contrasts in the foreground and background elements can affect the look of your website. Even the cool and warm colors must blend together. Otherwise, no matter how informative your website is, your visitors will definitely leave.

So, if you don’t have any idea why your website is a flop, it would be best for you to consider the tips mentioned above and adjust your website design and see the differences it can make.

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