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Top 5 Web Development Languages Every Web Developer Needs to Know

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Top 5 Web Development Languages Every Web Developer Needs to Know

Web development is a term which is used to refer the building of a website which can take dynamic forms. A website might consist of a single page or complex pages. The process of web development encompasses several practices that include its web design, content, programming, network security scripting, etc. A website is considered as a primary pillar on which the company’s whole professional image is based on. It is critically important to mix up all the ingredients perfectly to ensure you end up with an exceptional website.

A programming language is used to manipulate the actions of the machine. A language that is properly constructed and is designed in such a way that it communicates with the system is called as a programming language.

Since there are different types of programming languages, it gets a bit difficult at times to select which one to choose and why. Make sure you select the appropriate language based on the following 5 principles.

Platform Targeted: Different languages support different types of platforms, make sure you select the one that is relevant and appropriate to your field or desire.

Elasticity: The language should be flexible enough to let you add multiple features or programs.

Libraries: There should be a library so you solve all your problems when developing a website.

Tool Support: use a tool oriented language so that you may control and edit your work.

Time Factor: Make sure the language selected should not be time-consuming and bothering.

Popular Programming Languages For Web Development

Programming languages are so wide and dynamic that knowing all of them is merely considered impossible for a web developer. If you are a developer and want to learn the most popular and useful ones, you better continue with this blog. In this blog, I’ll focus on the top 5 programming languages widely used in web development

5. PHP

It is a free server-side scripting language that is designed not just for web development but also for other programming platforms. It was created in the year 2004 and now has become a widely used programming language. It powers more than 200 million websites online. It is an interpreted script language which means it is usually processed by an interpreter.  

4. CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet which is basically a markup language. When it is combined with HTML, it allows developers to design and define a web page. Here it decides how a web page will look on the web interface. CSS impacts on the font size, style and the overall layout. If you need to create a visually appealing web interface you should opt for the CSS platform.

3. Python

Python is a highly used programming language that is dynamic in nature. A developer can write and run the codes without a compiler. Python has some very important features, it has a large library and a dynamic system that supports many paradigms. The language mainly emphasizes on: simplicity is better than complexity, and the complex is better than complicated.

2. Ruby

This dynamic programming language was developed in 1993. Ruby is used to create mobile apps and website; this is because it balances imperative programming with functional programming. Ruby on rails is another platform which can help you make interesting stuff with Ruby. This programming language is perfect for small business software and for those who are eager to dive into a creative realm of website designing.

1.  JavaScript

It is one of the most popular programming languages which is used to build web pages and websites. What makes Java amazing is its compatibility with other browsers, you don’t need any additional plug-in, it just works fine. It is capable of controlling the browser, maintaining and editing the content in a document etc. JavaScript is widely used to create desktop-based applications as well as developing games.

Programming languages emphasize to write programs that are identified as algorithms. Whatever programming language you choose to build a website, make sure you consult an experienced web development company guide your way.

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Irfan Ak
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