8 Business Name Generators for the Year 2018 -

8 Business Name Generators for the Year 2018

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8 Business Name Generators for the Year 2018

Last week, I met a banker by the unique name of Carnarri (pronounced as Canary, no surprises there). Our first conversation went over the phone. I have never met a Carnari before. So, the mental picture that I conjured up resembled a blonde man with a widow’s peak, and a tall, imposing figure. Someone along the profile ofSesame Street’s Big Bird.

When I met Carnarri the other day, I couldn’t have felt more baffled. He was a short, rotund guy, with a plump face accentuated by a receding hairline. Graceful for his age, but the name didn’t exactly ring with his persona.

Actors and singers are perhaps the epitome of personalities who change their birth names to leave an impact on the film industry. This brings us to the question of how important is a“name” for the future of your company and how it resonates with your audience down the road?

If you’re not a creative soul, no need to sweat over trying to pen down a handsome name for your company. Regardless of whether you plan to launch an e-commerce service or a digital marketing agency, these tools will help you come up with an ingenious name for your company. If someone frowns over, tell them that using a domain name generator for a spark of inspiration isn’t lazy. It’s smart.

  • NameMesh

A company that pairs real-world intelligence with antonyms and synonyms, and capitalizes on over 20 business name generators to brainstorm thought-provoking domain name ideas for your business. You can check similar and related words, preserve SEO, mix words, and see short top-level domains. You can get inventive by mingling rhyming words to generate business name suggestions. There are tons of creative ideas which will help you choose the right business name for your brand; one which will reflect on the nature and the unique USPs of your brand.

  • GetSocio

If you’re planning to launch an e-commerce website, you can count on GetSocio to suggest a nifty startup name for your e-commerce store. It combines stellar auxiliary tools with a sprinkle of intuition to propose online business domain names, reflecting on the business values and goals of an online store.

  • Panabee

If you’re confused on what to use as a business name but you’ve some keywords to start with, you can use Panabee to help you out. The website cashes in on separate terms and combines them with recommended keywords to come-up with creative domain name ideas. One great advantage ofPanabee is that it leverages its innovative search algorithm to rifle through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to double check if your ideal domain name is already being used as a social media username. If a domain name is already taken, this tool offers suggestions in line with your chosen domain idea, by gleaning inspiration from popular trends, prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations, syllables, and phonemes.

  • Shopify

Probably not one of the most common websites when it comes down to suggesting a domain name, Shopify does a great job of decluttering your mind when you are bombarded by a deluge of ideas. What started out as a shopping portal to sell your products, is now serving customers by helping them with their domain names. You might know Shopify as a software development company, which is what makes them a great resource to suggest names for an IT company.

The good thing about Shopify is that once you’ve selected your business name, you can go a step further and create an online store to sell your products without going through any more hassle.

  • Namerific

Sometimes when the creative’s block seeps in, the best service is one that incorporates a wide array of paid and free domain names. You can start by selecting your niche and choose a viable name from the suggested business names available to you. This catchy name generator offers you a repertoire of creative brand names that have a nice ring to them, so if you are looking to own a premium brand name, you know where to go.

  • Name Find

Did you get beaten to the punch? Did you celebrate on coming up with the most fascinating name for your brand, hit the web to purchase your domain, only to find out that it was already taken? What you need is a tech company that specializes in premium domain names. Most of the names suggested on “Name Find” lie on the higher end of the cost spectrum. This service is especially reserved for entrepreneurs who have put in an intensive investment in their brand and are planning to go huge with their business name.

  • Brand Bucket

The best thing about Brand Bucket is that in addition to suggesting free business domain names if you’re serious about branding your brand right, you can request for a logo that will fine tune your business values. After you enter descriptive keywords, you will be able to choose between three lists: keyword, invented, and all.

  • Domain Puzzler

If you’re clear on the keywords that you want to place your business on, you can use this website which incorporates a vast pool of keyword database that will help you generate a seamless business name for your brand. The best thing about this tool is that in contrast to tools that only allow you to input one or two keywords, you can integrate a whole lot of keywords and the “Domain Puzzler” will combine them into amazing variations.

To end it all

You can see that a clever approach to the process of choosing your brand name is very important, and your own research will not aggravate the situation even if you plan to use an online company name generator as well to glean new business name ideas. Both these methods will help you enhance your brand name and make it really competitive and attractive.

The main thing is not to rush into a name as soon as possible. Haste makes waste. But if you are out of ideas – drop us a call and we will help you come up with a great one. And don’t forget to click on the subscribe button on the right.

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
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