Top 8 Web Design Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2018 -

Top 8 Web Design Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2018

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January 17, 2018 is that time of the year again when web design agencies are looking for all the latest web design trends in order to revamp their websites and make necessary web design tweaks.

Web design companies have to continuously cope with all the rising technical challenges, while still managing to develop websites that are functional, clear, intuitive and innovative. 2017 was all about minimalism, micro interactions, material design, duotones, web animations, conversational interfaces and many other advancements. Previously I covered web design trends which were projected to dominate in 2016 and 2017.This time, I have compiled a list of cutting-edge and notable web design trends that are expected to make a splash in 2018.

  1. Vibrant Color Scheme

web design trends 2018 - DM

2018 might be nicknamed the year of vibrant, bright colors. This year, many brands are predicted to use vivacious color schemes on their website UIs, as these color combinations serve to create a striking effect. While simple will forever be in vogue, advances in brightness, color saturation, and monitors will make certain that minimalism is construed as anything but boring. However, while many designers and brands are still playing it safe with web-safe colors, now’s the time to incorporate vibrant shades in your layouts for a bold and eye-catching effect. Bright pops of colors especially work best for newer brands striving hard to attract their visitors’ attention.

With a barrage of new tools, such as Khroma, making it even easier to find awe-inspiring ways of using colors in designs, more and more designers are going to get their feet wet in exploring how they can make the best use of color for delivering exceptional user experiences.

ford-web design trends

For instance, while Ford doesn’t strike one as a hip, progressive company, it’s “make it drivable” microsite campaign exudes all the right emotions to portray it in a cheery light!

  1. Animations

The web is a dynamic medium. As browser technology advances, more websites are moving from static images to animations in an effort to engage more new users. Smaller animations work best to engage the visitor throughout their user journey. In an era where people are forever in a state of rush and seem pressed for time, animations allow users to grab more information in an efficient and interactive way, driving attention and helping to tell a story in a few seconds.If done right, animations can direct the visitors’ attention to the right content at the right time, to create delightful experiences and better engagement.

When it comes to web animations, animated logos are going to ride the waves of popularity, since they allow a company to further enhance their brand. A good logo packs a flood of meaning and is important to get right since it’s the visual representation of a company in a tiny space. GIFs are also poised to make an applaud-worthy comeback, as the world seems ready to get hit by a huge animation storm. For instance, the homepage of species-in-pieces makes beautiful use of animations, as the puzzle pieces constantly recombine to form 30 different extinct species. Furthermore, as you hover over each formed animal, they subtly move in their natural form.

  1. Video Element


Videos have now become a crucial communication tool for brands, since they can deliver a lot of information quickly and visually, allowing brands to interact with visitors in a more engaging way.The homepage of “Webflow” beautifully embodies the utility of videos. As you scroll down the homepage, there is a video element that shows you what the software looks like in action. This is where the beauty of videos lie; in their capability to narrate intricate ideas quickly and efficiently. In 2018, we will expect to see more video content in many website areas, rather than simply a typical home page video.

  1. Shadows

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Shadows have always made their mark on web designs, but with the latest advancements in web browser functionality, we will see some exciting variations of shadows in 2018. With grids and parallax layouts on the rise, web designers can experiment with a variety of shadow elements to create depth and illusion.

Shadow play creates a striking and versatile effect to increase the aesthetics of a web page. It also lays emphasis on a specific content or design element to improve the overall user experience. For instance, using subtle, soft shadows on hover, and throwing them in with vibrant color gradients, can enhance the overall 3-dimensional effect of shadows.

Heavy use of shadow-based micro-interactions can be used to emphasize media content, break up the page into digestible chunks, or guide users to input fields and make them take the desired action.The smart reintroduction of shadows and gradients can add versatility and functionality in web design.

  1. Illustrations

website design trends 2018 -DM 3

Illustrations are a versatile type of media for creating images that are friendly, interactive and create a fun element. Graphic designers and visual artists can create custom illustrations according to your brand’s personality, as illustrations are a fabulous way to inject versatility and personality into a website. The rise of custom illustrations may be attributed to the fact that they are visually engaging elements that work wonders without getting in the way of simplicity and functionality.

Illustrations come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes, and we look forward to seeing a great load of them this year since designers now realize that playfulness cannot be thrown to the wind in the name of a straightforward user experience.Visually engaging, functional and dynamic illustrations work best to capture visitors’ attention. This web design trend is perfect for those brands that have a fun and engaging personality, as it is a powerful way to add a human touch to your website. Check out the website of funemployed to see this trend come to life.

However, it should be kept in mind that this trend isn’t just limited to just whimsical; illustrations are an extremely practical way of explaining and presenting information.

  1. Storytelling

Storytelling - DM

There has never been a greater emphasis on effective storytelling through design than today, which is why a majority of web design agencies are now focusing on using animations to convey complex information in a more engaging way possible.

Modern consumers want a more personalized and interactive experience when it comes to how they connect with brands and interactive content can deliver the best possible customer experience. Storytelling matters a lot as an impactful design story can create a great user experience to drive engagement.Your brand story can be delivered through video background, images, blog posts and interactive content to create meaningful interactions with your visitors.

  1. Bold Typography

Typography is a great visual tool, especially when it comes to creating a brand personality, evoking emotions, conveying important information and generating a remarkable aesthetic effect.Today, many browsers can support hand-made fonts that are enabled by CSS for web browsers. Since device resolutions are getting sharper and the legibility factor is on a constant journey of improvement, custom fonts are going to bask in the limelight. Designers are increasingly going for typefaces incorporating tons of personality, not only for an aesthetic factor but also for a bigger emphasis. In an ever raging battle for eyeballs, we are fast moving towards the trend of “the bigger the better.”

We are also going to see variable fonts make a debut in 2018. In an effort to lend a voice to our words, the available typefaces are going to be expanded, expanding our vocal range in turn. These fonts make it easier to tailor character size and width according to different screen sizes and languages. The fad of contrasting sans serif and serif headings and big, bold letters can create dynamic parallels while improving the overall UX and keeping the visitor engaged on your website.

  1. Asymmetric Layouts

The trend of asymmetrical and broken layouts will continue in 2018, as it is a great opportunity for brands to set themselves apart by creating unique experiences. There are many creative brands that are using asymmetrical and broken layouts on their websites as it is creative, distinctive and useful way to present your content. Although content intensive large-scale brands have no choice but to contend with a grid-based layout, brands that aspire to set themselves apart should think about leveraging out of the box and unconventional layouts. For instance, Ike Kligerman Barkley pulls in users with a high drama balance. The directional pull of a striking image against the navigation and name in the opposite corner, keeps the eye moving between elements. The image is an embodiment of what the website is all about, while the minimal framework enables you to click on links.

Over to You

So, these are the top 8 web design trends that web designers can take inspiration from to make their websites intuitive and highly-functional. Brands should stay aware of all the up-to-date trends and apply these design techniques to create a positive brand perception to attract more and more customers.

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