Top 9 RSS Reader Apps to Stay On Top of Everything -

Top 9 RSS Reader Apps to Stay On Top of Everything

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Top 9 RSS Reader Apps to Stay On Top of Everything

“There were 5 exabytes of information created between the dawn of civilization through 2003, but that much information is now created every 2 days.”—Eric Schmidt

Yes, you read that right. With so much data being created daily in multiple formats, we are subject to information overload. Staying on top of everything is quite challenging but equally important to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Let’s consider a real-life scenario where you are exposed to so much content in the form of news, videos, and blogs that it overwhelms you. That is where RSS apps come into play.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Thanks to advancement in mobile app development technology, RSS apps make your life easy by compiling all your favorite content from around the web in one place. Since the demise of Google Reader, many new RSS readers have emerged. In order to help you choose the best RSS reader, here are 9 RSS apps that you need to try right now

1. Feedly

Google Reader used to dominate the RSS feed market. One player that gave tough competition was Feedly but its real dominance came with the departure of Google reader from the scene. As soon as Google announced that it will close its RSS feed app, Feedly managed to gain more than 3 million new users in less than a month. All users have to do is to search for their favorite website names and follow them or choose your favorite topic and leave the rest to Feedly.

It will aggregate content from your favorite sources or topics and combines them at one place so you can easily consume all the stuff without losing hours on navigating different websites. This along with its simple and easy to use interface makes it best RSS feeds app in the market. Best of all, it is free and offer cross platform support.

2. Flipboard

Another popular name in the world of RSS apps is Flipboard. Just like Feedly, Flipboard also benefited from the absence of Google Reader. It beautiful app design might indulge you to read more and its digital magazine-style makes reading more interactive. Whether it is news or your favorite podcasts or websites, Flipboard ensures that you stay on top of everything. Its daily addition will provide you an adequate dose of news that you love. This free RSS app is made for tablets but can work efficiently on smart-phones too.

3. Pocket

Are you a little surprised to see Pocket on the list of RSS feed apps? I don’t blame you, the reason is that pocket is not an RSS app. It is basically an app that allows users to save content to read later. How many times we come across an interesting article and video but don’t have time to read the article or watch the video? Seems quite familiar, right. If yes, then Pocket is for you. It’s cross-platform support along with offline reading features make sure that you enjoy your favorite content at the time of your convenience.

4. Inoreader

Not quite sure about which websites to add to your RSS list? Inorder’s brilliant discovery mode solve this problem for you by showing users the list of trending topics and let you follow them. Efficiently managing all your content has never been that easy that it is now with Inoreader. Group together feeds, arrange them into folders and use tags to differentiate between reading and unread articles, all make the reading much more organized. You can even subscribe to Google+ and Twitter users. What this means is that you can share your favorite content on social networks using this app.

5. NewsBlur

If you are one of those users who loves to consume news voraciously and discuss it even more enthusiastically, then NewsBlur is an ideal choice for you. What makes NewsBlur stands out from the crowd is its Real-Time RSS feature, which let you know about the news as it happens. The added flavor of a community makes the app even more exciting as you can indulge in discussion with other community members on the latest news.

6. Panda

Want to customize the reading layout? Unfortunately, most RSS readers don’t allow you to do that, right. Don’t worry, because Panda is here. Panda is the latest entrant in the RSS feed app category and has already made waves with its ability to let you read content as you want it to. Switch between different layout and choose the one that suits your reading habits the most. You can literally tinker with every aspect of your reading layout with Panda. It also comes with a very handy read later feature so you can read your favorite articles when you are free.

7. NewsRepublic

NewsRepublic takes a different approach to RSS feed aggregation. Instead of asking the users for its preferences, it aggregates news based on different topics and let users decide which one they like and which one they don’t. Follow multiple topics simultaneously and stay on top of news so that you don’t miss a beat again, thanks to its tag navigation system.

8. FeedBin

Organize all your favorite content with its extremely efficient tagging system. It’s easy to use interface, makes reading your favorite content a breeze. With integrations with all popular custom sharing services, social media and read later apps, you won’t miss out on your favorite content for sure with Feedbin. Feedbin stands out feature is its advanced search capability that makes it stand in a different league. With its saved search API, you can even do much more with your content instead of just reading it.

9. Palabre

If you are looking for an all in one solution for all your RSS feeds, then look no further than Palabre. In addition to aggregating content from numerous sources, it also let users see content from other RSS feed readers such as Feedly, Inoreader and social networks such as Twitter and Google+ to name just a few. Users can sync, import and choose the layout of their RSS feeds.

Which RSS feed app do you use? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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