7 Recruitment Agencies You Can Rely On To Hire the Best Talent in Dubai -

7 Recruitment Agencies You Can Rely On To Hire the Best Talent in Dubai

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7 Recruitment Agencies You Can Rely On To Hire the Best Talent in Dubai

When Ahmed fails to nail a job matching his caliber in his homeland, he decides to venture out to Dubai with sky-high aspirations for his career. After a day or two of aimlessly roaming around, absorbing in the magnificent skyscrapers and the mesmerizing sights of the city, Ahmed decides it’s about time he starts applying to vacancies and lands himself a month-full of interviews. However, after weeks and weeks of applying to all pertinent vacancies, and pacing about the room with growing discontentment, anticipating that coveted ping of the phone, heralding an Email or a message, dusting his best attire every morning hoping for the day he could don it, he grows ever more desolate and down in the dumps, thinking he isn’t cut out for the big life. However, the only place Ahmed went wrong was taking the application process in his hands, instead of soliciting the help of a credible recruitment agency in Dubai!

Millions of people like Ahmed visit Dubai in search of jobs and many new businesses are seeking out candidates who can give them a competitive edge over their contenders. This has escalated the demand for an elucidated workforce to bridge the gap, and yet companies are finding it ever harder to screen copious candidates and sort out the crème-de-la-crème of the industry, often overlooking the most eligible individuals inadvertently. This is where recruitment agencies in Dubai come into play. They act as a bridge, helping businesses connect with the most suitable candidates. In this article, you will learn about the best recruitment agencies that businesses in Dubai can look up to when it comes to finding the right talent.


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Top 7 Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

  1. Bayt

  2. Careerjet

  3. Hays

  4. BAC Middle East

  5. ANOC

  6. Charterhouse

  7. Michael Page

1.    Bayt

With everything slowly shifting from offline to online, so is recruitment! This is why Bayt deserves a place on this list as it is the biggest online recruitment service provider in the Middle East. With its extensive network spread across the Middle East and GCC region, you can not only search for candidates in Dubai but also different countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, and Qatar.

Job seekers can create an account for free and upload their CVs to maximize exposure as most recruiters in the Middle East trust Bayt to connect them with the best candidates. This will take you one step closer to getting hired. For businesses looking for aspirants, you can even sort out candidates based on nationality and expertise to narrow down your search.

2.    Careerjet

If you prefer quality over quantity when it comes to job listings, Careerjet is an ideal choice because it has built a stellar reputation for providing quality listings, tailor-made for the Middle Eastern job market. Boasting a huge network of clients in the Middle East, finding the right candidates for your business isn’t a bed of nails anymore. The listings are filtered by industry and location, which makes things a whole lot easier for both the recruiters and the job seekers.

3.    Hays

For those looking for diverse portfolios hailing from around the globe, Hays is a great option. With more than 28 global partner countries and an extensive client base in the Middle East, you can never go wrong with Hays. Their proficient consultants are acquainted with the local job market inside and out and can provide you with industry-specific insights. The massive database of local job seekers that Hays has accumulated can make headhunting a whole lot easier for recruiters.

4.    BAC Middle East

If experience is your thing, BAC Middle East is a name to contend with. It is one of the oldest and most credible recruitment agencies in the Middle East and was established way back in 1979. Initially, their focus was centered on providing a host of recruitment services to some of the best companies, but down the road, they opened their doors to everyone. Today, it can help you find the right candidates for all employee levels, running the gamut from junior to senior level resources in a wide variety of fields. Its intuitive and easy to navigate website simplifies things further for both recruiters and job seekers.

5.    ANOC

With more than two decades of experience behind their back, ANOC is owned by the Al NAHDA group. ANOC can help your business find the right candidates in a wide range of industries such as constructions, healthcare, hotel, oil and gas, FMCG and many more. ANOC’s team of professional recruiters takes the hassle out of the recruitment process by ensuring that every stage in the recruitment process, from headhunting to placement from around the globe, goes without a hitch. With future collaborations lined up in the pipeline, they are all set to expand their network and become a global player.

6.    Charterhouse

With more than a decade of talent acquisition experience backing them up, Charterhouse has carved a strong niche in the region. With offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, and Qatar, you can easily locate their offices in the Middle East. Their website gives you a better idea about salaries that candidates in the market are demanding for various positions. From a job seeker’s standpoint, they can sign up and receive alerts as soon as a new job is posted in their desired industry. This ensures that you don’t miss out on a lucrative job offer.

7.    Michael Page

Whether you are looking for full-time or part-time employees on a permanent or temporary basis across a wide variety of sectors in the Middle East, Michael Page consultants have got you covered. It’s a division of PageGroup, looking to help both recruiters and job seekers by providing them with a platform. Michael Page’s career center is a great resource for job seekers and its brilliant job search tools allow job seekers to find the job that they are looking for by narrowing down their search. You can filter across expected salary, location, expertise, and location to find your dream job.

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Whether you are looking to take the offline route or choose an online recruitment service provider, make sure that they have an extensive database of candidates in their resource pool, a wide array of seasoned consultants, and the pertinent experience, otherwise they will not be able to help you fill the vacancies with the right candidates. Choose one of the aforementioned recruitment service providers in Dubai and tap into the best talent pool in the region. With these recruitment services at your disposal, enrolling the best candidates is now not a far-fetched anymore.

Which recruitment agency in Dubai will you choose and why? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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