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Tweaking your Website Design for the New iPhone 5 SE

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Tweaking your Website Design for the New iPhone 5 SE

Apple, the tech giant launched the iPhone 5 SE which just became available in the market. It seems like a smaller but an equally powerful phone. It’s merely 4-inch in size but has promising features – perfect for those who are looking for an alternate solution to buying a classy Apple phone on a budget. Not to forget that the battery improvements are better than ever, regardless of the fact that it comes packed with the performance of 6S.

So what does the new dimension mean for the app developers? A 4-inch phone means that there is a dire need of fixing the apps to fit the entire screen size in their new updates. Moreover, since the screen resolution is epic, the new apps also need to be tweaked in a way to cater to the new iPhone well.

How can it affect the website design? Responsive web design Dubai based companies have already been planning to create better websites to be viewed in the new screen dimensions. First and foremost, there is a need to go responsive, right away! When the smaller phones have begun to pop in as a minion, iPhone 5 SE, of the latest version, iPhone 6 S, the timing will never be more right than it is now.

What does it mean to go responsive? In simple terms, it only means to have your website fit into the screen size of the devices it is viewed in. The necessity has risen with the innovative devices coming in every now and then, and used as a more power-packed alternative for the conventional desktop computer. When you are visiting a website on your, say iPad, and you don’t have to tweak on your own in order to ensure the important text is viewed correctly, you can tell it is a responsive website. In order to make your websites responsive today, get in touch with the experts of a web design company in Dubai to guide you.

The websites can now have a more available screen real estate. What really needs to be done to leverage it is to take into account the information, navigation and other necessary information that lies above the fold, right before scrolling. Another matter at hand is the start-up image for the mobile app that you will be creating for your app. It will now require a widened view that takes up space right in the middle of the screen, to cover most part of it so that it runs in full screen. You can also make the iPhone startup image to display just while you wait for the page to load.

Although the iPhone automatically scales the viewport, most web pages would do just about fine. However, to target a particular screen size for the mobile site, Apple has created a reference list of all the available options that you will require for the viewport meta tag. Usually, when there are certain issues experienced by the web app, for instance not running at full screen, trouble with viewport meta tag is the most likely reason why it has happened.

So get your responsive websites today and leverage the new dimensions for iPhone 5 SE.


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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