Tweet your Small Business to Success with these 5 Tips

Tweet your Small Business to Success with these 5 Tips

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Tweet your Small Business to Success with these 5 Tips

The 2016 US presidential election was one of the most eagerly observed and watched elections in recent history. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton made sure that people from around the world were glued to their screens to watch the results. Apart from news channels, social media also offered a good dose of information and real-time stats, and Twitter was the largest source of breaking news for the election day. With an estimated 40 million tweets, Twitter offered inside news and information for people across the globe for that event alone in 2016.

Businesses around the world had started to use Twitter before the 2016 US presidential election. With around 325 million active users, Twitter will end the year with being one of the most active social media platforms. For small businesses who can’t invest much in paid ads on the Internet, Twitter offers a great opportunity to find their target audience and keep them interested in their products and services.

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  1. Starting with Twitter

Anyone can sign up for a Twitter account, create a handle, fill out the bio, and start tweeting and following others. But it’s tough to grow your Twitter account and turn it into a platform that can yield good results for you in the form of genuine leads. It’s all about engaging your target audience by feeding them content they can relate to or are interested in. For this, you need to become a pro with your strategies, so that you can have a great time ahead.

Your approach to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter should be different. If you don’t understand exactly how Twitter works and where it fits in your bigger marketing plan, go through this blog, and it will help you out greatly in this concern.

With a twitter account, you can share information and various types of content, interact with your target market, drive engagement, and eventually build a prominent brand as a result.

  1. Tap the Marketplace with Twitter Chats

If you don’t know how Twitter chat works, then you are missing out on such a unique opportunity to promote your small business. To get active twitter members that are willing to interact with you, the Twitter chat is the key. You do this by building a conversation around a hashtag that might be of interest to your audience. People who participate in them are eager to engage with you without any incentive because the conversation is valuable to them. Participants can become either your potential customers or connect them to your customers as these are the users who will regularly reply to your Tweets, will retweet, and spread your word for with a positive word of mouth.

Twitter chats related to your industry is the way to go. Anything that’s trending in the hashtag sphere can be used to engage your audience by sharing creatives around the hashtag. This way you can start your Twitter chat to add value to the conversation and differentiate yourself. For example, instead of just Tweeting text, you can come up with a graphic or emoji to spread the message casually so that it can instantly attract your audience.


  1. Make Conversational Tweets

Don’t commit the mistake of making your tweets one-dimensional. If you are broadcasting your message, it’ll be of no use to you. Think of a tweet like important news that you are breaking to anyone looking at it. Lace your tweets with not just the headlines but also a famous quote or sarcastic post. Your tweet must pave the way for further communication with your target audience rather than only one tweet out of millions that is of no importance.

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  1. Why Do You Use Twitter?

If you are part of the higher management or the owner of a company, you need to ask yourself first up, why are you using Twitter in the first place. Ask yourself honestly: “Am I using it to meet any predefined goals or just using it because everyone else is?” It isn’t hard to answer these questions as you can start your campaign with full confidence.

Think about different aspects like generating leads, increase loyalty among your target market, and increase your brand recognition. You can craft a great strategy here to evaluate progress and success.

  1. Keep your Twitter Presence Unique

Post unique content to multiple social networks, but cross-posting won’t offer you many benefits. Twitter is a unique platform as is microblogging. In just 160 characters, you cannot post something that you can post on Facebook or LinkedIn. With its unique characteristics and user base, you need to offer tailor-made content. More so, you need to create a strategy that will serve your target market and not everyone.

The use of other aspects like the use of multimedia features such as audio, video or infographics, can be a great way to retain your followers. Choose the best time to tweet so that it can reach a wide audience, especially during a breaking-news scenario. And lastly, clever use of hashtags ensures that your tweet will be seen by the maximum number of followers.

Final Word

Perfecting your strategy on Twitter can be hard to achieve. But once you’ve done it, it will give you dividends for some time to come. Engage with your followers and build a brand that is unique through an in-depth strategy.

If you think that you can add value to this blog, please go ahead. For any questions regarding any topic or aspect discussed above or to simply give your feedback, please use the comments section below.

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