Here’s Why Your Business Should Invest in Twitter Advertising to Maximize Conversions

Here’s Why Your Business Should Invest in Twitter Advertising to Maximize Conversions

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Here’s Why Your Business Should Invest in Twitter Advertising to Maximize Conversions

Twitter Advertising

Believe it or not, Twitter is one of the best social media platforms that help brands increase their online presence, generate maximum engagement and create a loyal fanbase. With hundreds of thousands of tweets sent per day, it can be extremely daunting for businesses to promote your brand organically.  However, using Twitter ads is a more sensible approach to persuade your followers to make purchase decisions and grow your business.

Unfortunately, many marketers underestimate this powerful advertising platform and prefer Google Ads Facebook ads, and Bing Ads to run their marketing campaigns. Twitter, if used right, is one of the best advertising platforms that help businesses achieve their conversions and sales goals. Twitters offers some amazing features that make it a great platform for running your marketing campaign.

If you are thinking to run your next marketing campaign on Twitter, but not sure whether it is the right choice or not, here ae some solid reasons why you should invest in Twitter advertising to get the desired results.

Keyword Targeting is Remarkably Interesting

One of the best reasons to choose Twitter over other advertising platforms is keyword targeting. It allows you to target specific people who have showed their interest on Twitter. You will have an option to choose only those users who have used a specific hashtag in their tweets or interacted with tweets that contain those specific keywords.

Other advertising platforms such as Facebook doesn’t offer this feature. It doesn’t allow you to target by keywords; you can only offer topic targeting. However, Twitter allows marketers to target only those people who are engaged with a specific topic or keyword.

Pay When You Get the Desired Results

It is one of the best reasons that make Twitter advertising a great choice for your paid marketing campaign. When you promote your products or services on Twitter, you don’t need to pay until you achieve your business goals. No matter what your goal is – conversions, increased website traffic, increase your follower count, or maximum engagement, you only pay only when users take the intended action.

However, other advertising platforms such as LinkedIn doesn’t have pay-for-performance advertising feature. Though Facebook has a pay-for-performance option for page likes, link clicks, and app installs, but this amazing feature of Twitter can work best for lead generation.

You Don’t Need to Create a Separate Business Account

In order to run ads on different social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, you need to create a separate company accounts to run a campaign. However, when it comes to running Twitter ads, you don’t need to create a business account for promoting your products or services.

Twitter Ads are Cheaper than Other Platforms

If you are running a small business and don’t have enough money to invest in a paid marketing campaign, going for Twitter ads is a great strategy. It is relatively a cheap option than any other advertising platform. The lack of competition makes Twitter the cheapest option for your advertising campaign, compared to any other platforms.

A Better Option to Build Your Brand

Twitter ads are a great option to promote your content, reach a wider audience and encourage people to follow your brand. Since it is a relatively cheap option than any other advertising platform, it makes it easier for marketers to grow their brand with less effort and low cost. Instead of investing your time and money on other strategies, you can promote your content and brand by running Twitter ads.

Create Custom Audiences

Choosing Twitter helps marketers to create a custom audience to target with your ads. It makes it easier for you to target Twitter users who follow specific accounts with your Twitter ads. With BirdSong Analytics, you can download a list of followers and create your custom audience to target with your Twitter ads.

Though Facebook allows you to create custom audiences, in order to reach them, you need their email address and contact details. However, on Twitter, you can easily reach people with their Twitter handles. By creating tailored audiences, it makes it easier to promote your content to a wider audience and increase your brand exposure.

Over to You

However, Twitter ads can be the best option to get your brand story in front of other users who are interested in your services, products, and brand. If you haven’t run Twitter ads yet, now is the time to launch your first Twitter advertising campaign to build brand awareness, maximize engagement, increase your followers, get more conversions and grow your brand.

These are some amazing benefits of using Twitter that makes it a great platform for your next ad campaign. It is a worthwhile option to promote your products and stay on top of the mind of your ideal customers.'
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