Why Twitter Marketing Matters Most to Your Small Business

Why Twitter Marketing Matters Most to Your Small Business – [Infographics]

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Why Twitter Marketing Matters Most to Your Small Business – [Infographics]

Twitter is an effective social media platform that spreads awareness of your brand, generates more leads, more traffic, drives traffic to your website, build a loyal follower base and much more. These days, with all the newer, image-driven social media networks such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest, many small businesses and online marketers have lost sight of the real value of Twitter. If your business has been overlooking Twitter, then it’s high time to re-examine it.

There are 645 million users who use Twitter and post 500 million tweets every day. If truth be told, Twitter is the most popular social media platform that provides a fertile ground of marketing opportunities to small businesses and startups. Around 66% of businesses are on Twitter and nearly half of the users who follow brands on this network report that they are likely to visit the company website.

With Twitter, your small business not only gain a strong user base, but you can engage with the users before they become your client or follower on a company profile page. But is your small business really maximizing Twitter marketing efforts? The following infographic shows some eye-opening statistics, and explain some amazing ways to implement a few successful Twitter marketing strategies.


Twitter Marketing Matters Most to Your Small Business

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