Understanding cloud hosting

Understanding cloud hosting – why multi-cloud hosting is best for the future?

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Understanding cloud hosting – why multi-cloud hosting is best for the future?

Cloud Hosting and Virtual Cloud Servers

It was in July 2018 that Amazon lost an estimated USD$ 100 million because of an hour of downtime during its renowned Prime Day Sales. In August of 2020, Google was plagued by server outages which affected the company and reduced productivity for businesses dependent on its tools and software.

In May 2021, a worldwide outage temporarily halted 10 percent of the global internet. This impacted eCommerce titans like Amazon and eBay adversely.

How good has cloud hosting evolved since these cyber problems?

Since these years, cloud-hosting has evolved drastically. It is addressing potentially damaging problems, especially downtimes and online attacks. The world today is interconnected where businesses of various sizes rely on a global web infrastructure delivering reliability and advanced web security and business continuity.

But a 100% uptime is hardly guaranteed (meaning that slight outages can happen but to a very minor degree). Yet multi-cloud hosting miraculously delivers an outcome approximately 99% (which is better than most servers).

Individuals desiring to start an online business through a worthwhile website must opt for a hosting solution that uses multi-cloud-hosting. Such an option ensures reliability and would never compromise a website’s performance. Cloud hosting is essential for a solar energy company, ensuring reliable data management and security for energy production and monitoring systems, thereby contributing to sustainable energy initiatives.

Let us now read more about it.

What is cloud-hosting?

Cloud-hosting is instrumental in helping applications and websites become more accessible through cloud servers and resources. Unlike its traditional predecessor, these solutions are not deployed on an individual server. Instead, they are deployed on a network of connected physical and virtual cloud servers which host sites and applications to ensure more scalability and flexibility in multiple aspects.

Cloud-hosting underlying infrastructure makes it quite different from traditional hosting. The latter utilizes a centralized approach and the former stores numerous websites in an instant.

Let us now briefly examine some worthwhile benefits of cloud-hosting:

Round the clock availability

When one server goes down, the other servers will be available to help keep the site afloat. This makes it more reliable in comparison to the traditional methods where the site relied on one server at all times, and some downtime proved to be fatal.

Balancing traffic load

Once the site is facing traffic, the cloud-hosting servers help spread it across their hardware. This prevents site performance from being overloaded, and gives it more power to handle more visitors.

Scalability factor

Thanks to cloud-hosting, webmasters are no longer limited to bandwidth, storage space or computing power available from a single individual server. They can make use of additional resources present in the environment to aid the website’s growth.

Additional robust security

Cloud-hosting is often less prone to disasters and malfunctions (as this is among its main advantages). It utilizes multiple servers in a virtual environment, and balancing the load can prevent DDoS Attacks.

A bit more about cloud-hosting

Suppose a business/company/brand desires to create a website to showcase their accomplishments; buying a server, adding the right software, learning how to manage it and ensuring the site is running well. 

The expense of such alone could be monumental for first timers. Instead of going the traditional way, those in need of hosting can simply pay a monthly charge of less than USD$10 to have a web host to host the site and make it available to the public.

All that remains is to upload it to the servers (the website files) and the site is ready for use for the public.

Understanding multi-cloud hosting

Multi-cloud hosting improves the modus operandi of loud hosting. It provides enterprise level performance and reliability to everyone, regardless of their location or size of business. 

Multi-cloud hosting helps each business and company’s website connect easily to public cloud services (like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS)) using in-house servers (for web hosting’s sake). Not to mention, the hosting services provider will be working hard to prevent outages and balance traffic load between networks and servers.

Reliability is a top factor for the popularity of multi-cloud hosting. Businesses and companies can rest easy knowing the website is always running and without doing much work at their end.

The best features of multi cloud hosting

Here are some worthwhile features of multi-cloud hosting:

  • It has multiple servers i.e. public, private and internal.
  • Numerous content delivery networks (CDN) are present at key locations across the world.
  • Round the clock management and maintenance from the service provider.
  • Bandwidth without limits.
  • Storage which scales well with client needs.
  • An uptime of 99.9%.
  • Automated services through remote management.
  • Can be available as both free and as a used server basis too.

What are the advantages of multi-cloud hosting?

Those who have started making their website will need to take in consideration the benefits of multi-cloud hosting. Web development professionals from a Dubai web design Company have decided to share with us the advantages of multi cloud-hosting for websites:

  • Reliability and scalability put together.
  • Hands free management.
  • Improvements in website performance.

Reliability and scalability put together

Cloud hosting is reliable. While it seems impossible to achieve 100% uptime, multi-cloud hosting can deliver an uptime of 99.9%. This gives many confidence in running their business.

Cloud-hosting also includes automatic website backup. If there is a network outage, the website can be restored via automatic backup recovery. Reliable web hosting not only keeps the website online without interruption but also helps the brand maintain its reputation throughout traffic surges and server outages.

Scalability helps multi-cloud hosting make full use of the network of internal clouds (both public and private) to not only manage but also give websites the necessary data. As the traffic and sales of the site grow, the business needs to grow and multi-cloud hosting is hence the solution.

Seamless management

Multi-cloud hosting is complex by nature, therefore, it needs specialists. Connecting multiple public and private clouds is quite expensive. However, multi Cloud-hosting offers cost optimization and provides clients all technological benefits at the best price.

This very hosting provides automatic website backup and recovery, and it comes in quite handy especially in case of an internet outage or a natural calamity. This limits the downtime the website experiences and will get the business back online quickly.

Improvements in website performance

Users and search engines alike demand that the website works quickly. A positive user experience depends on content delivered timely (product purchase, watching a video etc.). 

This is the reason cloud servers exist at key locations across the world. What it does is that it helps content delivery networks (CDNs) to be as close to the user as possible. Also, it ensures higher web page loading speed which hence leads to amplified customer engagement.

Fahad Khan
Fahad Khan
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