5 Skills Vital for an Illustrator to Design Entrancing Images and Graphics

5 Skills Vital for an Illustrator to Design Entrancing Images and Graphics

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5 Skills Vital for an Illustrator to Design Entrancing Images and Graphics

Tyson Beck is one of the finest talents when it comes to illustrations and graphic design. Based in Melbourne, Australia, he is the person responsible for putting the face of the NBA on the global map with highly imaginative and fascinating pictures and art. And it’s not just NBA; as a freelancer, Beck has also worked for MLB, NHL, MLS, and UFC, to name a few.

Tyson Beck has earned recognition for his work from the top athletes like Kobe Bryant in NBA and David Beckham from MLS. Becoming an illustrator or graphic designer who can work for one of the most famed sporting companies like Tyson Beck or any company, is not difficult. There is a huge demand for such illustrators as businesses, newspapers, magazines, etc. require them in huge numbers.

If you also dream of becoming an illustrator and pursue it as a full-time profession, this blog will help you tremendously. The following are five such skills which help illustrators to become a master in designing great graphics and make images come to life by applying their deft touch on them.

  1. Focus

You need to be focused on the job you are about to acquire. If you go towards gaining it half-heartedly, sadly, that’s not the right way to become an illustrator. You need to motivate yourself to get going in the face of odds, and that’s where self-confidence and self-knowledge will come into play. Not any vague plan will help as you need to stick to what it takes to be an illustrator of the highest repute.

If you have self-belief and are determined that you can surmount any apprehension, the chances are bright that you can get you through the challenges quickly. Focus on making sure that you are on top of your game through learning new ways to express your thoughts and replicate them in your every design.

  1. Adaptability

Adapt your way of thinking and illustrating to fit a client’s brief every time. There are chances that you need to change your way of work or how you handle them very often. The nature of work is always a factor but be ready for a lot of challenges here. For example, if you get a client other than Dubai or UAE, you may be in for a surprise as his requirements can be very different from what you have been in your career.

You will have clients who will often want to have input during the process of the illustration. You need to perfect your balancing act between keeping clients happy and coming up with quality work.

  1. Find your Own Voice

You need to come up with a solid plan as to how you want to offer your services to your clients. Illustrations are all about giving the deft touches to an image or giving it a total rehaul. Either way, your creativity here needs to be on its peak. You can take some inspiration from websites and work of others, but don’t copy an idea as it is.

For long-term success, it is essential to find and develop your illustration style that is distinct in nature. A unique personal style will give you the edge so that you are seen as an illustrator par excellence. The vision that you will develop in creating a book cover or a website’s landing page, for example, will make you a good illustrator. But how will your clients know about the quality of the work you can produce? A comprehensive portfolio is the answer.

For more information on this concern, please refer to the portfolio section.

  1. Technical Aspects you Need to Master

While anyone can edit a picture or make some changes in it to make it look good. There are software available for this, so why would someone bother to get the services of a professional illustrator like you? It is your grasp on the technical details and how you can produce a genuine work of art that will make you stand out in the crowd.

One way to make it work is through blending and shading your artwork by giving more depth to it. For example, if you are drawing a person’s face, you can’t use just a single color as it will resemble more with a cartoon character. Blending and shading with different hues will make it resemble that of a human. The use of shadows to show a particular mood of a person also works, but you need to work on this aspect as a slight deviation from perfection will make your job look over the board.

Highlighting an image, or part of it is another aspect that can make it look different. Use of light source, for example, and how you apply it to your image can give it a considerable lift. Get the feedback from your client before finalizing the image or graphic.

  1. Treat your Job as Special by offering a Great Portfolio

There are many ways in which you need to treat your profession as a serious one. Even if you are working as a freelancer or working in a company, don’t think of your field as anything less than a developer or a person working on the UI/UX of the website. Graphic designing and creating illustrations that can get the attention of the people, just like Beck has done over the years for NBA and other sporting leagues, is no easy feat.

Showcase your work on your website, Instagram, Behance, etc. are some of the platforms and apps and will be enough for you to display your talent. Your previous work and the testimonials from your clients are decisive factors in pursuing a person or company looking for an illustrator. Show them your talent and what you have achieved through it professionally so that they will give preference to your work.

Final Word

Every company may not require web design as small businesses can start on Facebook or can start marketing through YouTube, for example. But Illustration is something that is a definite requirement needed for a company even with a single product or service to market. That’s why there are ample opportunities for anyone who is looking for the job of an illustrator or companies having a team of such professionals.

The skills described in this blog are vital for any person’s growth in this field, but you can always expand your skill set through learning more. If you think you can add something valuable to this blog or want to offer your feedback in this concern, you are more than welcome. For any queries or concerns, please use the comments section below.

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