7 Web Design Elements for Ecommerce Portals to Maximize Sales During the Holiday Season

7 Web Design Elements for Ecommerce Portals to Maximize Sales During the Holiday Season

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7 Web Design Elements for Ecommerce Portals to Maximize Sales During the Holiday Season

The holiday season, especially for retailers, is the most lucrative one as people love to shop for themselves and their loved ones. If you are an owner of an online shopping store or any type of ecommerce venture, I am sure you want to know a way through which you can encourage your visitors to take the decisive step: buy or contact.

Web design can have a powerful impact on buyers and their choices. With less than eight seconds for ay website, it is up to you to come up with a design that works for you. You will be astonished to know that 75 percent of your website visitors will judge your brand credibility based on your website design. That’s weird, but that’s how things work, and you have to abide by the rules.

Conversion is the final target for any company, and it’s the moment your lead converts to become a customer. But how to make sure it happens, and regularly too, for best results is key. Through applying effective web design elements, businesses can make this happen. So, go through the following factors when you are about to evaluate your website design as they can maximize your sales.

  1. A Simple yet Effective Design

If you want to attract your target audience on your homepage, crisp and clean design is what you need. Don’t go overboard with your design as visitors can get confused. This doesn’t mean the use of old design or practices that were once trending as it will give an impression of an outdated website to the visitors. A holiday theme can be great that can leave a positive impression on your visitors.

When designing your homepage, properly align the content, and use simple typography. Avoid design elements that can distract your visitors and focus on the ones that lead to sales. Simple design to drive conversions isn’t easy. Think of a result that is aesthetically pleasing as it can convert for better results.

  1. Color

Changing the color of your call-to-action button (CTA) from green to red can be positive for you. Or from green to yellow. The reason is red and green are the colors those with color blindness or deficiency struggle with the most. Considering your audience is another key aspect. For example, if you’re targeting women, colors like purple and green will work fine.

On the other hand, blue and black will work wonders for attracting men. And please refrain from using brown and orange as they can be misleading most of the time. When choosing a color scheme, make a combination of colors that evokes the right emotion for your brand is the way to go. Don’t hurry the job to launch your website; instead focus on making your website stand out in the crowd.

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  1. Freebies

If you’re providing a case study or any other free offer, be sure the word “free” comes through loud and clear. And use design to highlight this aspect. Every one of us enjoys freebies on a website. Remember that these freebies are a way to attract visitor’s attention towards your product. In the holiday season, the competition is always tough. A strong message, through good user experience, is what you need.

Have you ever thought about any reason why someone would buy from a competitor’s site and not yours? Offer something of great value to your visitors, and great design can complement your offer to a great extent.

  1. Mobile Ready

Try to look at your website on a different screen? Notice any difference? If it isn’t offering the same experience and smooth performance, especially related to a visitor adding something to his shopping cart and then checking out. The responsive nature and design of your website are what you need to incorporate for sure. You need to make certain that your website can perform seamlessly on any device.

M-commerce is the future as it continues to leave behind desktop websites rapidly across the globe. You can lose a lot of potential customers if your portal is not compatible with most of the smartphones and handheld devices available in the market.

  1. Use of Real People

People love human faces as the use of dummy faces, or animated ones don’t have much of an impact. “When we see a face, we are automatically triggered to feel something or to empathize with that person,” “If we recognize content on a website — such as a problem, dilemma, habit or whatever else — we feel connected and understood.” – Sabina Idler – Writer and Founder of UXkids

Use of Celebrities as your brand ambassador is a great ploy, but initially, it can be difficult for a startup or small business to get the services of a famous model, for example. To start with, make sure to incorporate faces into your landing and home pages for a boost in your conversions. And, also, in the blogs and case studies for your various products to get the attention of your visitors.

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  1. USP

What’s your unique selling proposition? And what value proposition you can provide to your visitors? Through the use of apt web design, you can hit the jackpot. But if you don’t know how to do it, that’s a big problem to address. Your second problem? Your value proposition probably isn’t apparent to your website visitors, either. So, make it obvious right up front why your visitors should choose your brand over all the others.

What can be done in terms of design here is the obvious question. Just like applying CTA, create a design that complements the products you are marketing. If the design is not your forte, fret not as you can use a web design software in this concern or ask an expert designer who can offer you good consultancy in this regard.

  1. Video

We all know that product videos have a say in how sales and conversions can be increased. The amount may vary in different regions and for a specific product, but an increase of up to 100 percent to 200 percent can be achieved. And the video has a far-reaching impact on the minds of end-users or visitors of a website. Even service-based companies also can use video to share their stories or talk about what they are planning next.

Using full-screen videos may be hip some time ago, but now. The use of small video clips of 10 seconds to 30 seconds creates a good impact on anyone going through it. Short video ads are already a rage on YouTube and using them on your shopping portal is a good ploy.

Over to you

Don’t think that the design aspects I have mentioned here will work for sure? If you feel you can offer my readers something more interesting or can add anything valuable to this blog, you are more than welcome. For any queries, please use the comments section below.


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