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Web Design Services for Small Businesses in Dubai

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Web Design Services for Small Businesses in Dubai

“Dubai’s world-class physical infrastructure has already established it as a major player in terms of trade, tourism and as the leading conference and exhibition venue in this part of the world.”
Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair – Emirati Businessman

You may set up your own business in Dubai. It is the go-to destination for businesses in the Middle East and adjoining region, and the above quote aptly describes this. There is a massive potential for any business to make a mark for itself, and a great online presence is a definite requirement for this. The notion that only big conglomerates and enterprises need a comprehensive website with an exquisite design is not right. Small businesses also require effective web design to get the attention of their potential customers. 

There are plenty of opportunities available to be explored in cyberspace as this is the place that most people visit for interacting with other businesses and shopping. Especially the craze for online shopping has multiplied manifold over the last few years. And during the previous year, with COVID-19 wreaking havoc across the world, the Middle East and Dubai were also not spared. And online shopping and e-commerce really exploded.

An exciting web design can get the eyeballs, with many people getting attracted to it. So, how exactly can businesses get such a design, and what are some factors to watch out for? 

Read on as I discuss this topic in detail for all the information that is required for small businesses to make a mark for themselves in Dubai or any other place. And what web design services have to offer in this concern. 

1. Research Hard for your Small Business before Proceeding

There are many ways to incorporate web design for small businesses is not an easy thing to do. On the surface, it can be a straightforward process but believe me; it isn’t. If you don’t know what other companies are doing with their web design and the latest trends, you will be lost. Don’t proceed further until you are confident that a particular design or direction will suit your website.

2. Find the Right Service for Small Businesses to Get you Going 

Not many businesses will find it easy to make all the changes that are required. Web design can be hard to implement, especially when you want an instant result. To get a positive impression for your website, you need to convince your visitors through a consultancy firm that can offer you excellent web design for small businesses. Only then can you be sure that You will be able to cope up with the challenge of attracting the target audience to your website.

Any reputable design agency will start the process by making the design clutter-free so that the homepage and the complete site look pleasing to the eyes. Smart use of white space will greatly impact the visitors so that they will like the smooth navigation. Your website’s design will be deemed unattractive by many if you will try to stuff it up with much content. 

3. Design of the Text Used 

The text’s design and especially the headings should be peerless so that each word can have a hammer-strong impact. You can’t force your visitors to read each line of your website, but people generally read the headlines as they skim through the content. Remember that your text design must compel your visitors to move forward with your website rather than leave it abruptly. 

The font size of the headings is larger than the text in the body. The exact size depends upon the offer/ announcement you want to make. For example, for a product on flash sale, the use of red color with extra-large fonts can be useful so that anyone can take a good look at it.

4. Design of the Buttons

Some websites deliberately leave this aspect as they don’t deem this as important. The buttons, especially the ones used for CTAs, need to be exquisitely designed because CTA buttons are critical to the success of any website. In fact, CTAs are synonymous with buttons to complete an action or move forward, like completing a form. Think of engaging your visitors on your website to get interested in your featured products or services.

The color of the button, usually red or orange, will make it easy for anyone to locate. Don’t go for a unique design, as most of us are familiar with semi-rectangular or squared-shape buttons. 

5. Accessibility on any Small Business Website is the Key 

The accessibility options on your website must be top-notch. Don’t assume that your website will only be rejected by people having perfect eye vision and without any disability. The accessibility options on your website must be in place so that anyone can browse through without any difficulty. And perfecting this factor will also boost your ranking on Google and other search engines too.

6. Mobile Friendly 

After the announcement of the mobile-first index by Google, it is not mandatory for every website to be mobile-friendly. Or else they will be penalized severely by all the search engines. A responsive website that can easily be accessed by people using any handheld device is the key so that it can be resized when viewed on a small screen. The application of a mobile-friendly small business web design from a reputed agency will offer you apt support in this concern. 

7. Product Pages for Small Businesses

Take care of the product pages, the picture gallery, or the video clips section. This is your best chance to please your visitors and offer them something that they will immensely like. Never compromise on the design aspect, as this is one chance to get quality leads. The utilization of the colors, fonts, graphics, logos, virtually everything will come into play here. 

Leave no stone unturned in making this page standout with a mesmerizing design, theme, and concept. Pay attention to small details so that the product page can steal the spotlight and can be a crowd-puller in every sense. 

Over to you

Small businesses need to nail the idea they have in mind, and with the help of the best web design services in Dubai, they can easily do this. Showcase your products with a fascinating web design that can complement your business can be the difference between a good and great web design. 

If you think you can add your bit to make this blog more exciting and informative, be my guest. For any questions or feedback, please use the comments section below. 

Fahad Khan
Fahad Khan
Fahad Ali Khan is an experienced Digital marketer who is working in a well reputed web design agency called “DubaiMonsters”. He is a very passionate, hard worker, skilled guy who is having a very good knowledge about Digital marketing. He possesses a vast experience in SEO, SMM and Email marketing and he also successfully enabled many businesses to achieve their targets.