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All-New Web Design Tools to Make Your Small Business Website Stand Out

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June 22, 2016
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June 28, 2016
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All-New Web Design Tools to Make Your Small Business Website Stand Out

For any business to stand out, it is of utmost importance to go with the technological flow in order to apply the latest innovation in business workflows and stay ahead of competition. This helps us to stay updated as well, as we go ahead with our everyday endeavors. Be it an ecommerce web design Dubai based business or any other business online, neglecting technological changes can seriously affect the workflows in times to come.

This summer has brought about some ground-breaking tools and updates that will help to speed up your small business website. The all-new tools will also help to make the cloud storage faster which will in turn help define more smooth and efficient workflows. Check them out:


For a browser-based design app, there’s so much that you could possibly achieve with Figma. It is a first professional-grade online tool that has been specifically created for interface design. Helping the teams to work collaboratively on a design, it is further allowing people to run various operating systems for using the same software. With more upcoming features like version control and simultaneous editing, Figma is becoming even more so efficient for overall workflow improvements.

Adobe Experience Design

For a better and improved workflow, Adobe Xd is gradually taking over. It is the best design tool you can get to speed up your design process. It includes wireframing, interactive prototypes, drawing, various animations as well as sharing features. Switching from designing to prototyping or perhaps animations has never been this smooth a process. Imagine all that you need in one app is right here.

jQuery 3.0.0

For a faster and slimmer jQuery, the latest release is an amazing addition to the world of design. The new overhauled jQuery has various new features and has major improvements. Check this blog out to find instructions for a smoother upgrading alongside a list of new features that are making it even better. For a rapid web development, upgrade today.


EditorConfig is a safe haven for defining coding styles for a better codebase consistency between different editors. There are text editor plugins to enable the editors as they read various file formats in order to work with defined styles. They do well with version control systems and are super easy to read.

Small Victories

There are times when we are in a bit of a hurry and so develop websites with the least possible hassles. Small Victories is one such tool that can help you in the process as you put a site folder in Dropbox and it publishes it into a website. An advantage here is that you can share with other people and have them contribute to it as well. You will also find various templates that can help you start the show.

Productivity in web designing has a lot to do with embracing changes and latest advancements. It is up to you as a business to incorporate these latest innovations in order to speed up the workflows and make the best out of your web design endeavors.


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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