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How Your Website Can Serve as a Successful Marketing Tool

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How Your Website Can Serve as a Successful Marketing Tool

Primarily, websites were solely used to inform target customers about your products and services. But nowadays, they have become a point-of-sales platform for businesses. Selling products and services on websites are all the rage, and most businesses are getting the most out of this sales platform.

The millennial generation is doing most of their shopping online which makes great sense to ensure your services and products are available on your website.

Since every startup has begun seeing their business website as a powerful sales tool, it is worth mentioning here that it also a great marketing tool.

Building a business website is not only about making sure your brand reaches a wider audience, but also about ensuring that your target audience is convinced about the quality of the products and services you brand offers and persuaded enough to make a purchase decision.

Your website can be transformed into a powerful marketing tool that not only drives online sales but offline as well. But how will it happen?

Turning your website into a great marketing tool is not easy, it requires a great deal of dedication, efforts, resources and resources.

Here in this blog, I’ve compiled a few effective tips that can successfully turn your business website into a marketing powerhouse.

Appealing Images

Choose images for your website that can be a call to action. While choosing images for your website, don’t simply focus on high quality, unique, and relevant. Choose images that provoke users’ action and emotions. You want your images to truly reflect the services and products you are selling, but how about if you go beyond this limited approach, why not use images to can trigger action and provoke emotions?

If used correctly, images can significantly increase website’s conversion rate and if they overlook, they will serve as a decorative element for your website and will only add heft to your brand voice.

Have you ever noticed why fast food restaurant websites use catchy and mouthwatering images? Because they want to market their products and particular deals by using such product images that successfully persuade people to take action. Usually, these images also carry the particular deal price and a catchy, strong CTA tagline.

Make your target customer base aware of your services, products or special deals and persuade them to purchase it.

Build Customer Trust

Toms shoes

Nothing can promote your products like trust. It is the crucial element that will make your business website a powerful marketing machine. If customers trust your brand, they are more likely to endorse or recommend it to their friends, family and colleagues. But the question is how do you build trust on your website, products and services?

Sometimes it’s the little things that can do wonders and help you build customer trust. Since product images, banners, product details, contact information, and CTA are the most important elements that drive website credibility and quality, there are some other chief elements that usually business marketers overlook.

For instance, if you are working with top influencers, celebrities or highly reputed customers, then why not mention their reviews on your website? Now testimonials and user generated content have become a crucial component in contemporary websites. If they are making the most of it, then why not your brand?

Customer stories are the most engaging yet effective way to convince prospective buyers to purchase what you offer. This will develop trust and credibility on your website. So, think wisely as well as strategically how you can boost website credibility so that your target audience is able to blindly trust your brand. Think innovatively and try to take some measures that your competitors are not doing yet. This differentiation can help your website gain more success.

Shareable Content


We all know the importance of engaging, share-worthy content, therefore you must make sure your website content and blogs are easy to share along with the integration of social media buttons on your website. Have you ever thought about whether your content is actually share-worthy?

You need to ensure your social media buttons are correctly placed and customized according to your web design. Your website visitors will surely click on these buttons if the content is engaging and good enough to read and engage their attention.

Usually, the best site to place your social media buttons will be your official blog which will serve as an important element for boosting your website marketing goals. You can use your blog in different ways, so that you are able to create content that is shared by readers.

Try to make your blog a platform that will share your brand story, customer stories and user generated content. You can use this platform to discuss your products and services and their use cases. You can post informative videos and thought leadership articles as well.

Here is how your website can get maximum benefits of share worthy and relevant content:

· It helps your website get more conversions and online visibility.
· It helps you personalize your brand by solving your customer’s’ problems with the power of content.
· It drives organic search engine traffic and rankings.

Translate Your Website into Different Languages

If your brand wants to connect with global audience, try localizing your website by translating into different languages. Read this amazing article by Neil Patel in which he shared how he get more traffic on his blog by translating his website into 82 languages.

It’s seems very straightforward, if your website reaches out to a wider audience, it can soon serve as a powerful marketing machine. And this is simply not going to happen if your website is available only in one language.

If your website is available in English but you want to promote it to the entire globe. Let’s suppose one of your target market is Dubai, now the people at Dubai speak English but it is not their native language. There might be a case when they find it difficult to understand your brand voice and message, which can lead towards low website traffic and decrease in conversion rates. But what if your website has an Arabic translation? Your business website can instantly resonate with UAE target audience, and this can lead to more conversions and qualified leads.

You need to ensure that the translation is authentic and perfectly carries your brand voice and message to the target audience. Your brand simply doesn’t want the message to be lost somewhere in translation.

Besides from language, marketers need to keep the regional and cultural considerations in mind while translating your website. Keeping these important factors in mind will help you translate your website effectively according to the target audience preference.

Summing All Things Up

Your brand website can’t be turned into a marketing machine overnight, it needs a great sense of determination and sustained efforts. Try making some user interface and web design tweaks in your website; let your website do the magic.

If you have made some design or development changes and you think that these tweaks will make your website more effective, give your website some time to do its job. And if you think it is not working, make some necessary changes to get the desired results. Try to adopt these methods and see how your website can serve as a lead generation tool.

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem (@SaherNaseemD) is a creative writer, blogger and a social media addict. Blog writing is her passion and she shares her knowledge and insights on the latest advancements, on-going trends and much more. Currently, she is working for Dubai Monsters - a leading web design company in Dubai that offers digital marketing solutions.