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How You Can Maximize Website Engagement to Improve Search Rankings?

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How You Can Maximize Website Engagement to Improve Search Rankings?

Your website click-through rate is indispensably an important element. Though it doesn’t directly impact on your rankings, it can indirectly affect your metrics. And if you want to improve the CTR, your website rankings and conversion rate can increase dramatically.

Since having a great organic click-through rate is important, having more website engagement metrics matter most. What value you offer to thousands of users to click on your brilliant CTAs and if those users bounce off from your website within a few seconds, then what’s the point of your website.

But how user engagement can greatly affect your website rankings?

Certainly high CTRs leads to increased engagement rate, and improved conversion rates lead to more leads. The higher click-through rates usually translate into high conversion rates. If you can create urgency or get users excited about clicking on your CTAs, that excitement or urgency usually result in a purchase or a signup.

But what websites need to increase user engagement to increase their conversion rate?

Keep in mind, that conversion rates are the most crucial success metrics of any website. It can help you identify the number of leads generated, number of products sold, number of people sign up for your newsletter, or anything users did. User engagement shows that users found on your website what they are looking for.

Making a few small changes in your websites can increase your website’s conversion rates by 3x to 5x. Here are a few incremental changes that you can make.

Offer Greater Value to Users

Instead of A/B testing your CTA button color or changing your website’s images, it might be better to reconsider your existing offer and coming up with a one that people would love to buy.

Do you know why majority of websites don’t perform well? Because, their offer sucks. If you’re a SaaS startup and your primary offer is to sign up for a free trial for your software, it is somewhat complicated, people have to learn first how to use the software, chances are not everyone make it through the process.

However, if you make some changes in your offer that gives value to users can increase conversion and engagement rates by 10x. There is more probability in changing the offer versus, the image or CTA on existing offer.

Facebook Marketing

You can influence people even before they start searching your website. Believe it or not, brand awareness creates a bias in users’ minds which can create a remarkable impact on user engagement signals.

Business owners and companies that provide website designing services can get the most out of Facebook Ads. Create an informative, engaging, memorable content for your target audience. Although, they will read your content, probably they won’t convert to leads and make a purchase at this instant. Calm down, it takes some time.

No matter, if your business goal is to create brand awareness so people will prefer your brand in the future, or inform readers about your products or services, they will be more likely to click on and prefer your brand.

Facebook ads can greatly impact clicks and conversions you will get from organic and paid search. You can use Facebook for:

  • Interest-based targeting to reach audience who are likely to look for the products you are offering.
  • Demographic targeting to reach audience who are likely to search for the services you are offering, may be later.
  • Behavioral targeting to target those people who buy products that are related to the products you are selling.

These Facebook targeting campaigns can help get users to think about your brand, increasing chances that they will click on your ad, above all, convert. Not only Facebook, you can also display your banner ads on Google Display Network to target people who searched on keywords you are interested in, but didn’t click through to your website. You can specify some categories related to your products as well.

Remarketing Techniques

Nowadays people are damn busy and have a very little attention span. And if you are not using remarketing to promote your business, then you are missing out a huge opportunity. You are investing your efforts, resources and money into your marketing techniques and SEO only to get more and more people to visit your website. You need to make sure that people who once show their interest in your website was about never forget you. Obviously you want them to stay connected and make a purchase.

Remarketing is an effective way to increase user engagement, conversion rate and time spent on your website because users are more aware of your website, which means they are more likely to be engaged with you for longer.

Now marketers are spending nearly million dollars on remarketing techniques because:

  • It boosts repeat visit by 50%
  • It increases conversions by 51%
  • It increase average time spent on website by 300%

Now, being a digital marketer, it’s your job to invest as much money and efforts as you can in remarketing methods and get more people to your website. It will not only increase brand awareness, but also increase user engagement metrics, while turning users who abandoned your site in the past into qualified leads.

Summing Things Up

Organic click through rate matters most, but high CTRs with low engagement rates can’t help you. So, don’t invest your time and efforts in applying tricks that can only increase your click through rate, not user engagement. It won’t work well, Google is smart enough to determine fraud clicks on ad networks, as well as organic search click fraud.

It is highly advised optimize your click through rate and conversion rate by using these tactics to optimize, so you’ll be able to get more conversions, more rankings and more success.




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Saher Naseem
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