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Website Wireframing – An Important Web Design Process

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Wireframing is a crucial step of the web design process that allows you to express the hierarchy of your design elements. It makes it easier for you to plan the layout to get to see how your website will appear in future. The process of website wireframing also determines how the user interacts with the interface. Like the foundation of any building, wireframing has to be profoundly strong for your website to make it interactive enough for users.  

Get Inspired

Before you start the process, take a look at different wireframing websites and tutorials. You will be able to get an in-depth understanding of how other web designers are dealing with their wireframing process. Install the bookmarklet Wirify that allows you to see the wireframed version of live websites. If you stay on top of the wireframing trends, simply observe what other web designers are doing for their layouts, you will definitely get to know how to organize the information for your web design.  

Getting Started with Wireframing

Like any other designer, you also want to come up with the design that stands out and highly user-interactive. You can use illustrator as a wireframing tool as it allows you to use different object styles and reuse them throughout the process. It is easy to modify and allows transition to Photoshop when you need it. You can go for some other useful tools that will help you produce wireframes in a more organized manner. Some examples of wireframing tools include:

  1. Balsamiq
  2. Omnigraffle
  3. Axure
  4. Flairbuilder
  5. Keynotopia
  6. ProtoShare

I’ll explain the most famous wireframing tools in detail, later in my upcoming posts.

Set a Grid for Your Website

Grid system is nothing but an organized way to lay out all the important elements. You need to set the document size first. Place the downloaded template from CSS Grid into the document. You can either opt for grid templates or customize your own. Try using that creates responsive grid frameworks.

Start Using Boxes to Organize the Layout

You can start by using boxes on the grid. Plan the order of information that you would like to use in the web design. Depending on the mission and the company you are designing for, you can be creative enough with the layout. Make sure to keep the hierarchy of the design in mind.

Use Typography to Explain the Hierarchy

Once you are satisfied with the arrangement of the boxes, start adding content to check whether the information is organized. Make sure the message you want to convey to your audience is clear, even in a black and white wireframe. Use different font sizes to distinguish different levels of information. Don’t hesitate to experiment. Sometimes, you may fill in more information that may not work well with the layout. Make as many repetitions as possible in order to present your information in the best possible way.  

Adjusting Grayscale to Perfection

Use the full range of grayscale to determine the visual strength of your elements without having to choose the color palette. In fact, using the grayscale to its fullest can help you during the visual design process later on.

Translate a Wireframe into a Visual Design

Using different wireframing tools allow you to export the file in psd, jpeg, and other formats. Converting the wireframe into a visual makes it easier for you to highlight the areas for improvement and revise them for a perfect end product.  

As with any other design process, don’t be afraid to redo. Try using the wireframing process and tools and you will find the time-effort investment really worth it once you get the design that you really want.

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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