How to Write Irresistible Headlines? -

How to Write Irresistible Headlines?

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July 31, 2017
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How to Write Irresistible Headlines?


To get the content right is one thing, but to get your website ranked and nail it with the irresistible headline is a totally different ball game. What makes a good headline? You read hundreds of articles, blogs, and buy products each day but only a few are able to grab your attention and keep you engaged. Consider these two titles and ask yourself, whom you will click first:

How to Write Ridiculously Good Emails? Or How to write good emails? Although both the blogs have similar content certain words known as power words when used in headlines can uplift a simple headline and turn it into something irresistibly attention grabbing. In the above example, the word Ridiculous has done an excellent job to grab the initial attention of the user.

No matter how good your product or content is, the title is one thing that can either sell or sink your product. Now the question is how to write catchy headlines and titles? Well, one thing is for sure. You’re at the right place. Here I will be sharing some techniques that I’ve learned over the years that tripled my sales and sky-rocketed by traffic on my website.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to work.

  • Start with a working title

Before you step into writing your own full-proof headline, you can start with a rough draft: your working title. What exactly is a working title? Many people confuse the working title with a topic. Let me make it clear for you.

Topics are very general and can create different blog posts. For instance “web design & development” or “mobile app development” are general topics by which you can choose titles for your blogs.

A working title, on the other hand, is something very specific. Something that devises a solution or informs the user about something. For example:

See how each and every heading above is serving a specific purpose? Purpose, yes, that is what makes a heading different. Let me make one thing clear, none of these titles are perfect but surely they are catchy enough for users to click them and read what is coming next.

  • Be Specific

It is so easy to fall into the trap of delusional accuracy and misleads your users with a multi-purpose title. What is worst is setting up a title that has no relevance to the content of your website? Putting up titles that do not match the content will not only increase your bounce rate, it will also drive away the Google Spider from your website.

So, for instance, a title like “10 B2B Companies Killing Facebook So Freaking Hard They Don’t Need Any Other Marketing Channel” … it’s a little bombastic, no?

Well, of course, if you did find companies that are rocking Facebook that hard, and you are sure that they are using various marketing channels then it is okay to go with this title. Otherwise, you’re just another blog in the market trying to make its mark.

In a study of over 3.3 million paid link headlines, we found that headlines with this type of clarification — [Interview], [Podcast], [Infographic], etc. – performed 38% better than headlines without clarification. Again, it’s all about setting clear expectations. Thanks to the brackets, these readers knew exactly what they were getting themselves into before they even clicked.

So to conclude this point. Make sure you write titles that align with your product and with the content on the page.

  • Make it Seductive

Just because you made it specific doesn’t mean you cannot pop out creative power words in the title. There are a lot of ways in which you can make the title more seductive.

But for the fastest route what you can do is to understand the buyer’s persona. And based upon that research you can use titles that grab the attention of your specific target market.

  • Keep it Short

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how long or short your title should be. It depends on what your goals are, and where your headline will appear.

Do you want this post to rank really well in search? Focus on keeping the title under 70 characters so it doesn’t get cut off in search engine results.

Let’s say I was writing this blog post: “Think Social Media Is Just for Kids? Here Are 10 Statistics Guaranteed to Prove You Wrong.” To shorten it, I would simply try to rephrase it and cut out extraneous words. For instance, I might do something like this:

  • Before: Think Social Media Is Just for Kids? Here Are 10 Statistics Guaranteed to Prove You Wrong
  • After: 10 Stats That Prove Social Media Isn’t Just for Kids
  • Optimize your search engine

For this I can only say, you can try to optimize for the search engine. There are no sure-shot ways to create headlines that will guarantee traffic, but what you can do is to answer a query or solve a problem with your title.

Once you do this, there’s a high chance that Google will pick up your blog and rank it automatically.

You shouldn’t just use the first headline that pops up in your mind – however good it sounds. You need to spend some time brainstorming headlines. Before you start writing your content think of a few good headlines and use one of them, but as you continue writing think of a few more and when you finish writing it put your mind to it and just focus on your headlines and brainstorming as many as you can. Then go through the list of brainstormed headlines and pick your favorite one and use it as the headline.

Use all of the above techniques to create mind grabbing headlines that will get people to read your entire content.

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