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5 Factors to Master to Get Leads from Google Ads

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5 Factors to Master to Get Leads from Google Ads

Google Ads

Google is a global leader when it comes to searching online. While there are other browsers, Google has become a generic name for searching. “Google It” is what we are told to do for finding any information as it can fetch you the answer for virtually anything. This is why no one from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies can afford to not pay attention to what Google is doing, for instance in terms of new search algorithms. 

Google handles 40,000 searches in one second, which adds up to approximately 3.5 billion searches/day! Imagine the chances for any product to make a mark for itself as millions of search results are given to every user. Making full use of Google searches is important for most businesses – from eCommerce vendors to services like trade surveillance software, so that anyone searching on Google will find their product. Using organic means like SEO Cannot suffice alone as it takes some time to perfect. This is one of the reasons why businesses think of placing paid ads so that their product can gain an edge over competitors. Also you must know how pay per click marketing works effectively.

PPC is how most companies get instant results. Google ads in particular can make any website rank higher in the SERPs, but getting quality leads is a whole different story.  In this article, we give you top five factors that can help you craft a flawless strategy for Google ads. But before that, let me define lead generation and what you need to know to make it work for you.

PPC is Great for Lead Generation 

Lead generation is all about sparking the interest of consumers, getting them to ask more about a product. Through lead generation, businesses can attract and convert website visitors into prospective customers as they show interest in buying or knowing more about a product. Lead generation is where you have to convert those interested visitors into customers. Take a look at the diagram below from HubSpot, as generating the lead is a part of the journey to becoming a satisfied customer.

Just like other social media networks’ lead generation ads like Facebook and LinkedIn, Google has also developed its lead generation ads, namely Google Lead Form Extensions. It is important to note that generating leads is not just about the numbers but quality too. Think of what will happen if you have 500 leads but will only convert five of those? On the other hand, just one hundred quality leads can generate around 10 to 20 customers, which is a big percentage.

1. Google Lead Form Extension

Google lead form extensions are Google ads that are served for people searching for any specific term, product, or service by typing a particular keyword. Virtually all businesses can benefit from Google Ads and individuals who are working as freelancers or commission agents for businesses.  Examples include companies offering discount coupons, promotional offers, or newsletter sign up. The real question is, how does it work for businesses so that they can use it without any difficulty? The next section has all the answers. 

2. How Does Google Lead Form Extension Works?

Lead form extension works on providing CTAs to people in a responsive form under the ad. When users click on the ad, they are diverted to a form with their data pre-populated from their Google account and asking them to apply for a service or buy that product. See the image below for more information.

3. Major Benefits of Using Google Lead Form Extension

This seemingly simple-looking form actually holds a lot of potential for the company or individual posting the ad. Through this, any person can get people interested in his product as they have already searched for it. That is half the battle already won, and after that, all the company has to do is to make an offer to the user that he cannot refuse. Some of the major benefits of using Google form extensions are as follows:

  • The forms are filled in so that the user does not have to enter any information and can submit it quickly.
  • The performance of these forms is top-notch, and they are optimized for mobile use. 
  • They are customized to be used by all types of businesses.
  • Google form extensions can be used integrated with CRM and other email software to be contacted as soon as the data is received.
  • And above all, these ads are relevant for the users as they have searched for a similar product on Google to not turn the ads as spam.

4. Privacy Rules and Limit to Data Collection

The data of the user who is auto-filled IT companies posting the ad get them easily. But you have to be aware that these are not available for everyone as there are strict privacy rules attached to them. First of all, the lead form extension should have a URL Settings to the company’s privacy policy and explain everything in black and white. Every detail should be mentioned as to how the information of the user will be used.

User consensus is vital as advertisers can’t misuse the user’s personal information in any way. The collection of Credit Card Numbers, tax IDs, and social security numbers are strictly out of bounds for all the advertisers as these are sensitive data. Some restrictions are also applied for alcohol beverages, gambling, and adult products and websites. 

In a nutshell, there is virtually no chance for advertisers to make illegal use of the personal information of any user. And they cannot offer them ads that are not deemed appropriate by Google.

5. How to Track the Conversions?

This is the most important part after everything has been taken care of by the advertisers. This is where they can track the performance of their ad as they start calculating the return on investment. (ROI) Advertisers must ensure that they measure conversions in a full-funnel strategy. This is done through using Google’s conversion tracking tool.

Do not get a notion that conversions are always purchases. In some cases, it can be the download of the eBooks, signup for the newsletter, or just getting the email address of the users. It is up to the campaign manager to decide what exactly conversion is and how he measures the ad campaign’s success. A conversion action is used to track the performance of the campaign and responses from the users. 

Final Word

Other strategies such as remarketing are also used through which users who have already been engaged through Google lead form extension can be tracked and contacted again. But this time, advertisers need to be one step ahead, so a direct call or a detailed email is the better option. In this way, the customer is provided all the information about the product he was interested in to make a final decision. What is your experience of using Google ads to generate leads? Share your experience with us, and if you think that you can add something valuable to this blog, you are more than welcome. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.

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